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Get For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands FREE for Every Purchase of GTX 1060

The Nvidia’s mid-range pascal graphic cards the GTX 1060 is giving you a FREE games when you buy the card, you can get the following games: For Honor or Ghost Recon Wildlands.

GTX 1060 is newest addition to the Nvidia’s Prepare for Battle bundle program. Initially you can get these games when you purchase GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080 card for desktop or for laptop. Then later they also added the GTX 1080 Ti after it launched and now joining the club the GTX 1060.

Nvidia also says that the GTX 1060 is good enough to run both For Honor and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands games which delivers an amazing performance for 1080p resolution at [...]

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Get a Chance to Win For Honor Collector’s Case

Good news for all Playstation Plus members, Playstation is having a For Honor Challenge in which you can have a chance to win a For Honor Collector’s Case and a For Honor Season Pass, starting from February 14 to 24, 2017. The challenge is exclusive for all PS Plus members only.

There is three simple challenge to complete to enter.

Challenge #1 : Domination Challenge Play a match of For Honor Dominion game mode, then all you have to do is send a screenshot of your finishing time and kill count and send it to the entry form. Five best submissions will be picked, the quickest finishing time and the most kill count. (5 winners will win For Honor Season [...]

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How to Fixed For Honor EasyAntiCheat Error 10018

For Honor game has been successfully released the game in the market after its several beta testing, but few users still received different Error message from the game. Specifically from its Anti-Cheat software EasyAntiCheat, which cause an error and displaying an error message saying EasyAntiCheat: Error 10018.

The primary cause of this problem is that EasyAntiCheat is having trouble with other 3rd party software installed on your computer. Usually, game capture software causes the problem.

The workaround to fixed this problem is a temporary solution by just closing the program and restarting it. You can follow our step by step tutorial below.

How to [...]

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How to Fixed For Honor Impossible to Launch Easy AntiCheat Error

If you’re experiencing an error while launching For Honor game, you might be having a problem with your game files. Displaying an error message from its Anti-Cheat program EasyAntiCheat saying EasyAnticheat (code 0006000043).

Your program files might be corrupt and need to update the game files to fixed the error. It occurs when the game is unable to load its required data, causing to show the error message and unable to launch the game. You should receive a similar error message below.


EasyAntiCheat detected a security failure on your device. Please check your settings and try again. (0006000043)

The error usually happens after the [...]