How to Download For Honor Custom Emblems

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Recently, The game For Honor is officially out in the beta and fans are creatively creating custom emblems for their game character to show up with their opponents.

Most of the Competitive multiplayer game now, like CS: Go and Battlefield 1 is adding custom logos for the player to represent their groups or their unique identity. Usually, it was placed in game character’s badges or below its username. For Honor is doing the same thing and the emblems stand out with its medieval theme filter’s that looks real when played in the game.

For Honor also added a tool on creating an emblem and players are going nuts on creating unique emblem’s ideas and posted in Reddit.

For Now, The tool has no ability to share a link to the emblems for other to use, but most of these emblems has a step by step tutorials in Reddit page and you can just simply remake the emblem’s below into the tools.

Do you want to add some impressive emblem to this list or have the popular Kim Jung-un Emblem? Leave a link to your emblem to the comment down below and we will add it to the list. For Ideas of emblems, see our list below that you can use.

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