How to Fixed For Honor Impossible to Launch Easy AntiCheat Error

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If you’re experiencing an error while launching For Honor game, you might be having a problem with your game files. Displaying an error message from its Anti-Cheat program EasyAntiCheat saying EasyAnticheat (code 0006000043).

Your program files might be corrupt and need to update the game files to fixed the error. It occurs when the game is unable to load its required data, causing to show the error message and unable to launch the game. You should receive a similar error message below.


EasyAntiCheat detected a security failure on your device. Please check your settings and try again. (0006000043)

The error usually happens after the game stuck on initial loading or after the Intro video of the game For Honor. You can follow our step by step fixes below for Steam and UPlay clients.

For UPlay User:

To Fixed this issue in UPlay, you have to use the Verify File Integrity of UPlay client, to do this follow the step below:

  1. Open Uplay Client
  2. Go to For Honor Game Page
  3. Click the Properties on the right panel
  4. Then, click Local Files
  5. After that, click Verify Files

For Steam User:

To Fixed this issue in Steam, you also have to verify the integrity of the game cache, to fixed this follow the step below:

  1. Open Steam Client
  2. Go to For Honor page from your Steam Library
  3. Right click, then click Properties
  4. Then, click Local Files
  5. Then click Verify Integrity of Game Files…

If this fixes works for you or still have problem fixing the issue, please leave a feedback down below so that we can assist you in fixing this error.


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