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List of Dead Rising 4 Zombie Graffiti Tags Collectibles Locations

In playing Dead Rising 4, you probably encounter the Zombie Graffiti Tags a game collectibles in the game. You can find these graffiti’s from the game usually place in the walls, shops, bridges, sign boards or secret locations. You can unlock these collectibles using your in-game camera by taking a picture of it to unlocked.

After unlocking the collectibles, you will get a Prestige Points, unlocks and game credits. For example, when you complete 10 Zombie Graffiti Tags, you unlocked the photo filter from your camera that you can use to filter your photo from your album.

You can unlock a total of 100 Zombie Graffiti Tags in the game, and these graffiti are [...]

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Cheat Codes List for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

If you’re looking for the complete list of cheat codes for the game LEGO Marvel’s Avengers we have the list for you! These cheat code will let you unlocked game characters, vehicles and boost for your game.

To Enter the cheat code, you just have to open the game menu, then go to Extras, then Enter Code, then input the cheat code to activate. You can check the complete list of cheat code below.

4AKZ4G – Unlocked IronMan MK 33 Silver Character 2K8QCG – Unlocked A-Bomb 8HG9HC – Unlocked Bengal MJNFAJ – Unlocked Butter Ball 93NNGB – Unlocked Chase BTS8M6 – Unlocked Cottonmouth ZNCK2S – Unlocked Count Nefaria UNECSY [...]
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Company of Heroes 2 – Unlimited Fuel, Ammunition, Man Power and Population Cap Without Trainer

This cheat will boost and increased your fuel, ammunition, man power resources and the population cap size without using trainer program. It will only work on Steam Edition of the Game and doesn’t work on other version. All you need to do is to activate the developer option of your game and type in the cheat codes to the SCAR console. Check the step by step guide below.

How to: 1. Open your Steam Client and go to your library. 2. Find Company of Heroes 2, right click on it and click Properties. 3. A Window will pop up, click SET LAUNCH OPTIONS… button. 4. Now, type on the provided textbox -dev, then click ok. 5. Start playing Company of Heroes 2 6. Create a [...]