List of Dead Rising 4 Zombie Graffiti Tags Collectibles Locations

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In playing Dead Rising 4, you probably encounter the Zombie Graffiti Tags a game collectibles in the game. You can find these graffiti’s from the game usually place in the walls, shops, bridges, sign boards or secret locations. You can unlock these collectibles using your in-game camera by taking a picture of it to unlocked.

After unlocking the collectibles, you will get a Prestige Points, unlocks and game credits. For example, when you complete 10 Zombie Graffiti Tags, you unlocked the photo filter from your camera that you can use to filter your photo from your album.

You can unlock a total of 100 Zombie Graffiti Tags in the game, and these graffiti are in the major region of the game (25 each). There are ways to quickly locate the maps by requiring the Emergency Shelters that let you see the collectibles on the map, but the hardest part of it is these Graffiti is hard to spot because it is hidden secretly in that radius. So we will help you as well in finding the exact location of the graffiti.

Zombie Graffiti Tag 4
Inside the Virago Hotel, go to the upper floor and go inside the Virago Standard Room, then on the left side corridor, the Zombie Tags is there. Note: You have to use Night Vision to see the graffiti.

Zombie Graffiti Tag 8
In the top of the lighthouse tower in the Carribean Cove, you can find the Zombie tags on the upper level.

Zombie Graffiti Tag 9
Above the Planet Toddler shop finds a room with an under construction signs, the graffiti is in the walls.

Zombie Graffiti Tag 11
Inside the White rook Protection Security Shop, the Zombie tag is behind the counter, near the cabinets.

Zombie Graffiti Tag 15
Go to the upper level of the Kiichiro Plaza, near the Zen store you will find two billboards, and the graffiti is in one of the billboards.

Zombie Graffiti Tag 19
Find a Spa named Afrodisia, and the Zombie tag is on the opposite wall of the changing room.

Zombie Graffiti Tag 24
Go to the upper section and find McQueen Portrait Studio, the graffiti is placed next to a white photography backdrop inside the studio.

Zombie Graffiti Tag 25
Go to Willamette Memorial Megaplex and find escalators, above on it the graffiti is on the wall above of it.

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