Cheat Codes List for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

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If you’re looking for the complete list of cheat codes for the game LEGO Marvel’s Avengers we have the list for you! These cheat code will let you unlocked game characters, vehicles and boost for your game.

To Enter the cheat code, you just have to open the game menu, then go to Extras, then Enter Code, then input the cheat code to activate. You can check the complete list of cheat code below.

  • 4AKZ4G – Unlocked IronMan MK 33 Silver Character
  • 2K8QCG – Unlocked A-Bomb
  • 8HG9HC – Unlocked Bengal
  • MJNFAJ – Unlocked Butter Ball
  • 93NNGB – Unlocked Chase
  • BTS8M6 – Unlocked Cottonmouth
  • ZNCK2S – Unlocked Count Nefaria
  • UNECSY – Unlocked Diamondback
  • WU9YBF – Unlocked Finesse
  • RABVV7 – Unlocked Firebird
  • M562MB – Unlocked Mantis
  • MFUPE7 – Unlocked Skaar
  • K66TQP – Unlocked Speed
  • XP9QX9 – Unlocked Striker
  • R9CWTF – Unlocked Swordsman
  • JWRGP4 – Unlocked Thunderstrike
  • D4RREH – Unlocked Tigra
  • A7BRT4 – Unlocked Veil
  • 9KFJ7A – Unlocked Quinjet Mini
  • JYJAFX – Unlocked Minikit Detector Red Brick
  • 5MZ73E – Unlocked Fast Build Red Brick

Once you’re finish unlocking the character that you want, you can use it right away in the game without purchasing it.

What are the best character you want to use in the game? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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