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IS Defense Gameplay – Croatian Mainland Map

The last map on IS Defense is the Croatian Mainland sets in an Airport Runway, so far this is the hardest map on IS Defense the enemies spawn in every angle, many infantry are scattered on the area and vehicles reenforcement are very fast.

The goal to complete this map is you have to kill 4000 Terrorists and 300 Vehicles.

Even though we unlocked the no-reload skills the best time we only get is at 2:00 minutes.

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IS Defense Gameplay – Spanish Harbor Map

The 2nd Map on IS Defense set’s on Spanish Harbor, where you will defense your base from enemies hiding from shipping container and some enemies landed from the sea or spawn from the buildings.

The goal for this map to be completed is you have to kill 3500 terrorists and 200 vehicles.

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IS Defense Gameplay – Sicilian Shores Map

Hello Gamers! Here is our first gameplay for IS Defense, the first map is the Sicilian Shores Map – you will fight and defend from enemies that landed from the shores. The objectives for this map is you have to kill 2000 Terrorists and destroyed 100 Vehicles.

[arve url=”” thumbnail=”850″ title=”IS Defense Gameplay (Silician Shores Map)” description=”Gameplay of IS Defense in Silician Shores Map… To know more read at ” upload_date=”2016-04-30T00:07:14+00:00″]

So far our best time for survival on this map is [...]