One Piece Burning Blood – Move List (Luffy 2 Years Ago)

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If you’re looking for a move list guide for One Piece Burning Blood, you come in the right page. Our first move list guide is for Straw Hat the Luffy (2 Yrs Ago) character. This guide button controls uses the default option key for XBOX Controller, Keyboards and Default keys.

Check our video move list video and preview for Luffy below.

Basic Controls

Normal Attack – Press Attack (Number differs by character) Can be guarded or side stepped.

Ranged Attack – LS (Down) + Attack (during normal attacks) Can be guarded, but not stepped.

Guard Break – Guard Break (During normal attacks) Affects enemies with Abilities.

Heavy Guard Break – Heavy Break Cannot be guarded or side stepped. Affects enemies with Abilities.

Guard – Guard All guard break cannot be guarded.

Side Step – Guard + LS (Up) / Guard + LS (Right) / Guard + LS (Down) / Guard + LS (Left) Avoids normal attacks/guard breaks.

Flash Guard – Guard before attack hits. Attack before attack hits

Jump – Jump while moving or vertically upward

Jump Attack – Attack during a jump, varies based on jump type.

Swap – Swap

Sap Attack – Swap + Attack

Awaken – Awaken when Burning Gauge is at MAX Activates Awaken.


Gum-Gum Gatling – Special + Attack (Tap For Additional Attacks) Can transition into Special + Guard

Gum-Gum Bullet – Special + Unique

Gum-Gum Bazooka – Special + Guard

Special Actions

Gum-Gum Rocket – Jump with Abilities released

Unity Chain – Requires 2 Burning Gauge bars. Use Swap to swap and perform follow up attack after certain attacks hit

Unity Assist – Requires 3 Burning Gauge bars. Swap using Swap even when being attacked.

Unity Clash – Requires 3 Burning Gauge bars. Block enemy Unity Assist with Swap

Ultimate Moves

Gum-Gum Jet Bazooka – Special + Guard during Awaken

Gum-Gum Jet Gatling – Special + Attack during Awaken (Tap For Additional Attacks) Can transition into Special + Guard

Gum-Gum Jet Bullet – Special + Unique during Awaken

Second Gear – Awaken during Awaken


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