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Pop ’em All – Puzzle Adventure now in Facebook Gameroom

A fun-filled puzzle game Pop ’em all: Puzzle Adventure developed by nosixfive is now in Facebook Gameroom, a matching color puzzle game where you have to pop bubbles with the same colors, and all bubbles should be wipeout to complete the round.

By default you play the Classic Mode for FREE, here you play the original Pop’em All game with 52 types of puzzle to solve, the other two modes like Gravity Mode and Double Shifter Mode is locked, and you have to unlocked it using a Crystal point to play it. You earn Crystal Points via playing the game or buy it in the in-game store.

In the game, there are three types of an objective to get certain [...]

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Fairway Solitaire Blast for PC Review (Facebook Gameroom)

Have you play this top rated card game in Android or iOS? Well, the Fairway Solitaire Blast is now available on PC at Facebook Gameroom for FREE. The game is so addicting that I was got hooked and played several levels in the game.

The game is different from casual solitaire game, you will be given a several cards that you have to match the nearest number either lower or higher of that card on the top board, of course you have to clear all cards in order to finish the level. It also contains bonus card that has different power on clearing the cards to help you on the next move. It features Daily Challenge, Special Tournament with different levels, Prizes, Rewards and [...]