Pop ’em All – Puzzle Adventure now in Facebook Gameroom

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A fun-filled puzzle game Pop ’em all: Puzzle Adventure developed by nosixfive is now in Facebook Gameroom, a matching color puzzle game where you have to pop bubbles with the same colors, and all bubbles should be wipeout to complete the round.

By default you play the Classic Mode for FREE, here you play the original Pop’em All game with 52 types of puzzle to solve, the other two modes like Gravity Mode and Double Shifter Mode is locked, and you have to unlocked it using a Crystal point to play it. You earn Crystal Points via playing the game or buy it in the in-game store.

In the game, there are three types of an objective to get certain stars, one star for popping all the bubbles, two stars for getting the average score and tree star for getting the top score. The game is very challenging and addicting especially getting highest score that you have an option to try again just to achieve it.

It also has a hidden mini-game in the bottom of About Credit section, and you should see a Don’t Press this button, just click it and you can play their mini-game, warning! It is also addicting, at first we have no clue how to play it, but when we figured it out it’s very addicting! To play the game you control the two character in the match one, the one in the left is for Black surface and the other on the right is on the white surface. You can control it using the mouse Left and Right button.

You can Pop ’em All: Puzzle Adventure in Facebook Gameroom if you don’t have Facebook Gameroom installed on your computer, you can go to facebook.com/gamerooom, download and install the app.

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