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Rampaging the human cities since 2005 and now comes the second sequel of the remake, the Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed. Faithfully recreating what’s on the original while looking better on modern PCs and Consoles, the second sequel actually has a lot of improvements since the first remake came out. If you haven’t played it yet, I should mention that the game is not ultra-realistic and serious like you often find in an open-world GTA V-type game but rather cartoony with some fun gameplay elements thrown on it like a parody. It delivers on its promise, and it actually gets the job done.

The Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed continues the story of Crypto and it’s Superior Officer Pox, where their previous adventure on Earth were successful and penetrated the White House and even became a disguise President of the United States. For a decade, he lived happily on Earth, but in 1969 the KGB was after him for being a threat to the Soviet Union. The KGB blew up their mothership, killing his Superior Officer. Luckily, Pox managed to copy his memory into a computer and able to be reconnected to his little minions Crypto. After losing most of their technology, they find themselves on a quest to recover the remnants of their mothership to take down the KGB and uncover what is more on their evil plans.

Unlike the first remake where it introduce Crypto as an invader which destroys everything on its path, our Crypto this time is much more like-human-heart – somehow, though this will still depends on you on how you play the game. But one thing for sure, it’s jokes and remarks that never get old, make it funny for some people and might inappropriate for others.

Missions and Side Quest

While Crypto’s main mission is to beat down the KGB, he also find himself doing other tasks, like convincing a cult of hippies called Arkvoodle to worship an alien god and doing some odd mission like ruining people’s lives.

Each of the story you unfold has cut-scenes, they aren’t too long and easily become interesting to watch which has full of action and humor.

Side quests often have dialogue choices that you can use to shape the story, but they don’t affect the ending, though there are some instances where you pick the wrong answer, you’ll fail the mission.

While you’re enjoying the story, you’ll also find yourself paying extra attention to the mission because of the optional objectives that needs to be completed to earn you the full rewards. Some of them are tricky, like completing a mission while staying on the high ground, eliminate enemies using their explosive and other tasks that take many attempts to perfect. If you’ve failed to get all of the objectives and happens to complete the mission, there is always a way to redo the mission without affecting your progress.

In these open-world games, you’ll often find yourself doing similar tasks over and over again. But each time you do the same thing, it’s like experiencing a whole new adventure. The game’s repetitiveness is not that tedious or boring, because the humor in the story that pokes fun with the character involves and the connecting story that will make you want to keep playing. As well as the core gameplay is different in every mission, and you can approach each mission differently thanks to the variety of weapons and skills at your disposal.

Weapons, Skills, Upgrades and Customization

As you play as Crypto, you can wield different weapons using the recovered data core from the remnants of your fallen mothership and employ them on different missions. You can be like Rambo, rampaging through everything in your path and hurling KGB at passing cars.

Or you can choose a little more stealthy approach by disguising yourself with other people or make the people dance with your tune using Crypto’s hypnosis “Free Love” and anything you do wrong just disappears in thin air.

Every time you unlock new weapons, there are tutorials that teach you how to use them through the birdy robot named Will. Your weapon and skill can be enhance with the various Furotech and collected brain DNA from the people. But sometimes the instructions are off, and you have to figure out how to use it.

As you explore the map, you will come across some collectibles that look like power-ups. You can use this to upgrade your weapon and saucer or complete the in-game album and the platform (Steam, PlayStation)’s achievement badge you deserved.

Graphics and Sounds

The game has a graphical style that is colorful and beautiful, with cities and cultures filled with buildings in four different countries. You will be amazed the first time you unlock each one of them and I must say it’s relaxing to play. The maps are not that big, but they are not very small either. As a human in disguise, you will definitely need to walk the map because you cannot steal cars or anything like that, but they’re not too long and easy to reach by using Crypto’s jetpack and hoverboard. While using the saucer, you get there in no time. If you love teleporting, don’t bother.

When you start your adventure, you’ll notice that the sky is blue with its bright clouds, and you’ll see that it’s already evening when you’re done. The game has a day/night cycle that adds to the atmosphere and keeps things feeling fresh. When you take a break, Crypto will dance his favorite move to keep himself entertained on a black and white screen.

In many missions, you’ll notice that the characters have the same faces but with different identities as if they die and are reborn into new roles. You will also notice weird things popping up in the game, like cars driving into the water and people bouncing around, though this is obviously a bug – but considering the game’s theme – its like they are just there to make you laugh.

Mayhem! When you already running out of tasks to do and want to have some fun like what Crypto’s very much into. Nothing beats making a building crumble and explode, throwing tanks, cars and oddly enough, people, onto them. The smoke, the dust, the collapse, it all looks beautiful. While you can destroy almost everything in the map, doing a mission will reset all of those buildings back to their original state.

The game has a great sound from its original version, it is stellar and add to overall atmosphere in the game that you feel like you are in the 1969 era of war.


This game is a fun trip down memory lane that will be loved by the players who played the game when the original version was released, as well as those who are waiting for the second remake sequel. With its entertaining story and hours of enjoyment, especially at its very cheap initial price of PHP 999, it’s a steal and highly recommended to everyone!

Story - 80%
Graphics and Gameplay - 85%
Sounds - 80%
Price - 90%

Overall Score


This game is a fun trip down memory lane that will be loved by the players who played the game when the original version was released, as well as those who are waiting for the second remake sequel. With its entertaining story and hours of enjoyment, especially at its very cheap initial price of PHP 999, it's a steal and highly recommended to everyone!

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