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Download Antraxx Demo and Backed Kickstarter

A multiplayer shooter-arcade game Antraxx is now on Kickstarter, the game is based in a classic pixel art or similar on SNES graphics it’s inspired by the game like Front Mission and Metal Slug. You can choose many configuration of your a mech or robot character and when the game starts you have to eliminate as many players as possible in the game.

Check the Antraxx trailer below.

The game is now on Kickstarter waiting for your backed to make the game more polished and support. Currently it has now 128 backers, with $4811 USD pledge and 15 days left to their goal.. They need your support to get their goal of $32,932 goals.

You can download the game demo at [...]

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Outlast 2 Demo FREE on Steam until November 1

The demo version of Outlast 2 is now out on Steam to try for FREE, but only until November 1 – in other words the games remains permanently in your steam library as long as you grab it before the expiry date. Outlast 2 is played by a cameraman works for an investigation journalist Mr. Blake Langermann and his wife Lynn. You will be playing the game entirely from a camera perspective, similar to a movie Paranormal but on Outlast you are the one walking around to solve the mystery.

You can download Outlast 2 on Steam at (

The game is also playable on VR Gear headset which gives you a virtual reality [...]