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Download Antraxx Demo and Backed Kickstarter

Download Antraxx Demo and Backed Kickstarter

A multiplayer shooter-arcade game Antraxx is now on Kickstarter, the game is based in a classic pixel art or similar on SNES graphics it’s inspired by the game like Front Mission and Metal Slug. You can choose many configuration of your a mech or robot character and when the game starts you have to eliminate as many players as possible in the game.

Check the Antraxx trailer below.

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The game is now on Kickstarter waiting for your backed to make the game more polished and support. Currently it has now 128 backers, with $4811 USD pledge and 15 days left to their goal.. They need your support to get their goal of $32,932 goals.

You can download the game demo at (

Backed this project on Kickstarter (

For more information about Antraxx and get notified about the game you may visit their official website (

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