A Genius Sorceress Summoned, Com2uS ‘Chronicles’ x Slayers TRY Collaboration Update

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  • Five ‘Slayers TRY’ characters including Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, Amelia, and Xellos released in
  • Com2uS ‘Chronicles’
  • New content added, including collaboration special quest scenario and special dungeon ‘Heretic’s Underground Shrine’
  • Rewards can be earned by completing missions for each ‘Slayers TRY’ character, and various events such as login events will be held

Com2uS (CEO Joohwan Lee) has released a collaboration update with the famous animation ‘Slayers TRY’ for its summoning RPG ‘Summoners War: Chronicles (hereinafter referred to as Chronicles).’

Since its global launch in March last year, ‘Chronicles’ has gained wide popularity around the world, reaching the top 5 in global sales on Steam, the top 10 in sales in 13 regions of the Apple App Store, and the top 10 in sales in 10 regions of the Google Play Store. Even after its global launch, ‘Chronicles’ is further solidifying its position in the global market through constant updates and communication with users.

‘Slayers TRY,’ an animation collaborating with ‘Chronicles’ to mark the first global anniversary, is a TV animation based on the light novel Slayers. It follows the journey of the charming genius mage, Lina Inverse and her friends. The show’s unique worldview and characters have gained explosive popularity and are loved not only in Korea but also around the world.

As part of this collaboration, five ‘Slayers TRY’ characters will be released as Monsters in Chronicles. Each character is released with two attributes. The main character ‘Lina’ has fire and dark attributes, the swordsman of light ‘Gourry’ has water and light attributes, the magic swordsman ‘Zelgadis’ has wind and dark attributes, Saillune’s shaman ‘Amelia’ has wind and light attributes, and the mysterious priest Xellos has water and dark attributes. Monsters with light or dark attributes can be acquired by reaching the maximum level with each character’s affinity.

Each collaboration character has a battle concept that preserves the original traits. Lina mainly uses long-range and short-range attacks using various magic, and Gourry uses a sword to fight at close range, but can use the sword of light to attack from a distance. ‘Lina,’ ‘Gourry, and ‘Zelgadis’ will be available starting on the 21st, and ‘Amelia’ and ‘Xellos’ will be released on April 4th.

In addition, a collaboration quest scenario and a special dungeon, ‘Heretic’s Underground Shrine,’ will also be added. This event quest contains the story of how ‘Lina’ and her group came to the world of ‘Chronicles,’ and by completing various quests, users will be able to enter the special dungeon ‘Heretic’s Underground Shrine.’

Various events will also be held to commemorate the collaboration. First, a pickup summon will be held until May 2nd to meet the ‘Slayers TRY’ characters, and to commemorate the collaboration. Users can also participate in a 21-day check-in event. In addition, users can obtain rewards depending on the accumulated amount of event goods that can be obtained in the special dungeon, which can be used to exchange for summoning scrolls and various enhance materials. Users can obtain additional rewards by completing 5 missions for each collaboration characters.

Detailed information about the ‘Chronicles x Slayers TRY’ Collaboration and the update can be found on the official Summoners War Chronicles Page: https://www.facebook.com/SWChroniclesSEA/

Download game: https://swcc.onelink.me/lMBu/SWCH

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