ROX’s latest version is hitting with new classes and events! Let’s crank up the heat and rock the summer!

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Today, Ragnarok X: Next Generation rolls out a new version with the debut of the Taekwon class alongside the new server named after the class! Get ready for a blast with amazing festival events and sweet deals for returning players. Plus, we’re tweaking the class balance and improving the home system that you’ve all been waiting for.

Kick Higher! The Taekwon Class is Here!

It’s been a solid three months, and ROX is back with a new class that’s all about resilience and power—Taekwon! Years of combat experience have endowed Taekwon with exceptional personal skills and the power to protect party members. Thanks to their formidable control skills and devastating offensive moves, they can switch between stances to gain the upper hand in combat.

Mark your calendars for April 2, when the new class drops alongside the server named after it, Taekwon. All Adventurers are welcome!

Wait no more! Come Back to get Myriads of Hyper Benefits!

To welcome back Adventurers who’ve been away from Midgard, any inactive account (inactive for 30 consecutive days or more as of April 2, 00:00) returning to ROX between April 2 and April 9 can instantly level up to 80! Plus, if you play on the new Taekwon server, ROX will refund the Diamonds you’ve purchased on your old server. Don’t forget to visit the pre-registration page to claim your discount coupons!

Songkran Festival Exclusive Water Gun Battle

In anticipation of the Songkran Festival, ROX is rolling out a series of Songkran Gala events from April 9 to April 25, inviting all Adventurers for a wild celebration in this blazing summertime!

Join in on the splashy 3V3 Water Gun Battle, and party up with your friends to enjoy a refreshing summer! Throughout the event, you’ll be granted additional Odin’s Blessings by Strouf, which can be used to exchange for event materials.

Class Balancing

To enhance the game balance and provide Adventurers with an improved gaming experience, we will optimize the following classes in the upcoming update.

Class Balance details:

On top of that, we’ve given the home system a complete overhaul in this update. We’re not only introducing an array of new furniture and decorations but also expanding the indoor area, which now includes up to 4 rooms. It’s time for DIY enthusiasts to spring into action and set up their brand-new home! Check out more interesting details by diving into the game now.

Please follow the ROX official community for the latest update details.

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