PANDA! is the newest War of the Chosen 3 Champion (WOC3) in Ragnarok X Next Generation

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Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX), the popular MMORPG game, has crowned a new grand champion in its latest eSports competition, War of the Chosen Season 3 (WOC3). PANDA! of Opera Phantom emerged as the ultimate winner, dethroning the defending champions, MonSter, who were the WOC2 champion.

Led by their fearless leader, Sp1ded1, PANDA! maintained a flawless run in the upper bracket, demonstrating their undeniable prowess and strategic superiority. The team’s journey to the finals started strong, as they vanquished MonSter in the Quarterfinals. However, MonSter showcased their resilience by dominating the lower bracket and securing a rematch against PANDA! in the grand finale.

The highly anticipated final showdown between PANDA! and MonSter was a thrilling spectacle that had fans on the edge of their seats. PANDA’s unwavering dominance was evident as they emerged victorious with a clean 3-0 sweep. Throughout the match, Sp1ded1, Creme and Faker! showcased remarkable teamwork as well as the rest of the support team, even as Faker! became the primary target of the opposing team.

Despite MonSter’s relentless focus on Faker!, PANDA! remained composed and adapted their strategy to capitalize on their opponents’ tactics. They clinched the championship title through a combination of decisive lead in points and last second kills.

The Rise of PANDA!

The incredible victory of PANDA! of Opera Phantom in War of the Chosen Season 3 (WOC3) in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) stands as a testament to their unyielding determination and skill. Originating from the non-pioneering Dark Lord sub-server, which was launched in November 2011 (five months after the game’s release), PANDA! was initially known as ViPANDA! from Dark Lord. They were thought to be at a disadvantage compared to teams from pioneering servers like Opera Phantom, Boulders and Horns, where most “whales” were concentrated.

However, PANDA! shattered expectations in War of the Chosen Season 2 (WOC2) when they defeated the WOC1 champions LikMaiEs in the WOC2 Quarter finals despite being just an 8-month-old at that time. This outstanding performance caught the attention of the ROX gaming community and solidified PANDA!’s reputation as a formidable competitor.

Led by the charismatic Sp1ded1, the team consists of skilled players who have worked together tirelessly to overcome adversity and rise through the ranks. The PANDA! roster includes:

  • Sp1ded1
  • Creme!
  • valkyr1e
  • Mr.J!
  • LittlePaopao
  • Faker!

Their journey from underdogs to champions in the War of the Chosen series is a perfect example of how dedication, teamwork, and skill can triumph over challenges and lead to greatness. As they celebrate their WOC3 victory, PANDA! has truly become an inspiration for the Ragnarok X Next Generation community.

With WOC4 on the horizon, fans are eagerly waiting to see if PANDA! can maintain their dominance in the eSports scene or if new contenders will rise to challenge their reign. Regardless of the outcome, PANDA!’s impressive ascent serves as a reminder that anything is possible when passion and perseverance come together.

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