Monster Guide: How to Strengthen and Utilize Them in Summoners War: Chronicles

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Summoners War: Chronicles (SWC) is an MMORPG game that revolves around monsters, collecting them and being their partners in the battle with field monsters, bosses, and exploring the different regions of the game.

In this article, we will be discussing how to effectively use and strengthen your monsters in the game.

Elemental Advantage Choosing the right Monsters

Choosing the right element attribute of a monsters is crucial in Summoners War Chronicles. Each region has its own monster elements, and using the right element against the monster will give you additional effect of up to 19% of PWR, while wrong or counter element will decrease their effectiveness by -30% of PWR and the same monster element will have no additional or decrease in effect.

Here are the detailed stats you will gain:

Elemental AttributeImprovements
Water against Fire
Fire against Wind
Wind against Water
Light against Dark
Dark against Light
20% increase in DMG
10% increase Critical Rate

Overall PWR improvement of 19%
Fire against Water
Wind against Fire
Water against Wind
30% decrease in DMG
10% decrease bonus Critical Rate
15% decrease Precision
25% decrease Accuracy

Overall PWR decrease of 30%
Fire against Fire
Wind against Wind
Water against Water
Light against Light
Dark against Dark
Water/Fire/Wind against Dark/Light
Dark/Light against Water/Fire/Wind
No additional or decrease in effect.

Monster Classes

There are six classes of monsters in Summoners War Chronicles, and each of them has unique abilities, playstyle, and attacking styles. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses can help you create strategies that can maximize their potential in the battlefield. Here are the following classes:


Close combat fighter with high defense and survivability. It protects allies using skills such as provoke, recovery, skill buff, and more.

Priority: Charges to the nearest enemy.

Same as the knight, it fights enemies in melee combat with high HP and well-balanced stats. It has an AoE attack and applies harmful effects against enemies.

Priority: Attacks assassins and melee enemies first.

Specializes in supporting allies instead of attacking. It has skills that can protect allies with high recovery, debuff, skill buff, and disrupting enemies.

Priority: Moves to a nearby ally when attacked by an enemy or at low HP.

Effective AoE skill attacker with a long range and powerful spells. Deals great damage to a number of enemies and neutralizes spells to gain buffs.

Priority: Moves to a safer location to cast spells when an enemy approaches or upon taking damage.

Takes down an enemy from a long range with an extensive attack range. Deals great damage to a single target or applies harmful effects to enemies to reduce their combat ability.

Priority: Attacks the closest enemy first and maintains distance from the enemy with deft movement.

Eliminates the most threatening target with a powerful single-target attack and gives harmful effects.

Priority: Attempts to eliminate ranged targets first, such as archers or mages.

Leveling up Monsters

Leveling up your monsters (What they call in the game as Upgrading) is the most important part of improving their stats. The initial max level of any star monster is ten times their star number (except for 1-star monsters, which has a max level of 20).

  • 1-Star – Up to Level 20
  • 2-Star – Up to Level 20
  • 3-Star – Up to Level 30
  • 4-Star – Up to Level 40
  • 5-Star – Up to Level 50

However, you can exceed this limitation by evolving your monsters, and the maximum level you can get is up to level 70.

To level up your monsters, you just need Normal EXP potions or Premium EXP Potions, which you can easily obtained from doing the Area Dungeon instances (This is where you’ll be finishing the Easy, Hard and Very Hard instance), though the materials you will get there are only one time, but it is a good start of levelling up your monster at the early stage of the game.

Here are the other ways to get EXP potions:

  • Path of Growth (Path of Training)
  • Guard Journal (Area Dungeon – One Time)
  • Guard Journal (Monster Story – Minimal)
  • NPC Scarlet (Exchange Pieces – Not recommended)
  • Profession (Cooking – Requires Faint Magic Core and Eternal Leaf)
  • Other event rewards

We recommend not using Monster Pieces to convert them into EXP potions, as you need those pieces more importantly for evolving your monsters.

Evolution, Increase Star to unlock new Max Level

Evolving your monsters is another crucial part to maximize their potential and to unlock additional max level of the monsters which increases the number of its Star. The materials you need to evolve your monsters are the Star Rainbowmon and the shard pieces you have collected from summoning monsters.

Same as getting the EXP Potion, the easiest way to obtain the Rainbowmon is to complete the Easy, Hard and Very Hard instance of the Guard Journal Area Dungeon. Though those rewards are just one-time, you can use them to evolve your main monsters.

You can also get it from these sources:

  • Monster Summon – Guard Journal (Area Dungeon)
  • Spires of Ascension (Minimal)
  • Trial of Ascension (Minimal)

Awakening your Monsters

Awakening your monsters is another way to make them stronger and more unique. If you’ve seen other players who has violet stars monsters, this is where they unlock it. When you reach Awaken 5, your monster’s appearance will also evolve into a more intimidating look and obtained those violet stars.

To awaken your monsters, you need to collect the following materials:

  • Essence of Magic
  • Essence of Fire
  • Essence of Water
  • Essence of Wind
  • Breath of Life

You can get these materials by participating in the Cairos instance, which you can join three times a day.

Additionally, you can craft them through Cooking, using fishing materials and enhancement shard. We recommend not using Profession crafting, as you will be converting your existing Essence materials into other elements, which is a waste of materials.

Enhancing Skill

Enhancing your monster’s skills is another way to increase their power in the game. To enhance their skills, you need Devilmon and your monster’s pieces.

Here are the following ways to obtain Devilmon and monster’s pieces:

  • Monster Summon
  • Guard Journal (Area Dungeon)
  • Spires of Ascension (minimal)
  • Trial of Ascension (minimal)

Equipping Rune

You can also improve the monsters by equipping them with Runes. Choosing the right set effect will gain them additional stats, this is a long post, so we have separate post for this one, check our Rune Guide.

5-Star Monsters

You’ll get a lot of monsters in the game but the most important monsters that you must have been those with default 5-Star monsters which is considered as rare monsters. You can only get these monsters by summoning those monsters’ using scrolls.

If you are a free-to-play players, you can still get more than 100 Mystical scrolls that you can summon a 5-Star monsters. You just need to purchase the Shop > Limited Time > Summoner Chronicles. You can easily obtain Crystals by completing the main and side mission plus participating in all dungeon event.

As for the tier list, we will be uploading it soon, so check this post from time to time.

That’s it for now! We will be updating this post with new tips and tricks to help you optimize your monsters in the game.

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