Rune Guide: Understanding Rune Sets and How to Use Them in Summoners War: Chronicles

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One of the essential elements of building a strong monster party in Summoners War: Chronicles is effectively managing its runes. Runes are like equipment for monsters, and they provide additional stats and bonuses that can greatly improve a monster’s power (PWR). However, not all runes are created equally, and it can be challenging to choose the right ones for your monsters.

In this guide, we will provide you with tips and strategies on how to effectively use and improve runes in Summoners War: Chronicles.

Where to Get Runes

First thing, where do you obtain Runes easily? There are several ways to obtain runes in Summoners War: Chronicles, but the most common and easiest way to loot them is in Area Dungeons.

You probably encounter Area Dungeons while taking the main story quest (The one with an instance dungeon where you’ll complete a puzzle and face off a boss at the end). This part of story quest alone will give you Runes. But did you know that you can repeat those Dungeon instances? You can recomplete each instances once for 3 different levels (Easy, Hard and Very Hard), each of these difficulties will give a lot of Runes.

You can also get runes from Path of Adventure (Path of Growth) and other reward packs.

Enhancing Runes (Level Up)

Enhancing runes is crucial to increase their effectiveness and add additional stats. You can enhance your runes by using a Rune Enchantment Stone. The maximum enhance level of each rune is up to 15.

You can get the Rune Enchantment Stone in several ways. One of them and the easiest is disassembling unused runes.

Here is the list of location you can obtain these Rune Enchantment Stone:

  • Main Mission Story
  • Party Dungeon (Rupture)
  • Profession Crafting (Level 5 Processing)
  • Field Creatures

List of Rune Set Effect

To effectively use runes, you must equip your monsters with runes that have a set effect. Some sets require two to four types of runes that monsters must equip, granting additional bonuses. The following are the different set effects of the runes:


(Set of 2)
Max HP +15%

(Set of 2)
DEF +15%

(Set of 2)
CRIT Rate +12%

(Set of 4)

(Set of 4)
ATK +35%

(Set of 4)
ATK SPD +25%

(Set of 2)
ACC Rate +15%

(Set of 2)
RES Rate +15%

(Set of 2)
Evasion Rate +15%

(Set of 2)
Precision Rate +15%

(Set of 4)
17% Chance of Stun with Skill Hit

(Set of 4)
Drain +25%

Using the set effect will allow you to maximize the potential of your monsters. For example, equipping a monster with four Rage runes can significantly boost its critical damage by 40%. Thus, knowing which rune sets to use on each of your monsters is crucial in building a formidable monster party.

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