Ragnarok X Next Generation Teases Upcoming Event with Cryptic Facebook Post

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The popular mobile game, Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX), has recently posted a cryptic message on their official Facebook page and sent an in-game mail to all adventurers, leaving them guessing about what it could mean. The message is “We are 2j~g4Q%+DKo the nisl Special Search Pais%+y s72jf%need %df83ht your help! L0%+will come %w9- meet %p soonw+- Please help q0-.19xx!”

Update as of 01/18/2023: The pre-registration for Ultraman event started: https://www.ragnarokx.com/Ultraman

Update as of 01/17/2023: Another SOS message was sent to the in-game mail, this time it is “Bzz—zz ——–Bzz–H–Hey! Can you–h–ear–Bzzz—-us? Did y–ou —zz—– get our message–agezz—-yesterday—day–zzzz–Wait–t———what is—–that——-Ligh–t—–Zzzzzzzzzzzzz—————————-“. The plain text is “Hey! Can you hear us? Did you get our message yesterday? Wait what is that Light!”

This is the first time Ragnarok X Next Generation posted a cryptic message for everyone, except for the recent Halloween Event via in-game. Adventurers have already begun speculating about what the latest post could mean and some believe that the message could refer to the upcoming event, possibly the Ultraman event which was recently appeared in Taiwan server.

Our team also tried to solve the message and has come up with a possible decipher. We found that the mail sent to other languages—Thailand and Indonesia, for example—is different from the English version. This allows us to reveal some parts of the hidden message by translating them to English.

So, combining and cleaning everything, we come up with the following message “We are the Science Special Search Party! We need your help! We will come and meet you soon! Please help us!”.

The message is referring to the “Science Special Search Party,” a police organization from the Ultraman TV series, connecting the dot – it is something to do with the upcoming Ultraman crossover event.

The game’s developers have not yet announced an official release date, but adventurers can expect more information in the coming days or weeks. In the meantime, Ragnarok X Next Genereration already revealed the upcoming Lunar event including the Eclipse mini game.

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