How to Synthesis an Equipment in Avatara (Guide)

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As you progress through the MMORPG Avatara, you will come across various types of equipment on your journey. One of the most exciting features of Avatara is the ability to Synthesis weapons and equipment. By combining two items of the same type, you can create a new, higher-tier item. However, many players have found themselves stumped when trying to Synthesis, as the button is greyed out and unclickable.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of Synthesizing your equipment.

Make Sure Equipment are in Max Level (Lv.30)

For you to unlock the Synthesis feature for your equipment, you must first reach the maximum level 30 for that item. This can be achieved by leveling it up using “Growth Stone” or other equipment that you have looted in the battle.

But before your synthesis everything, make sure to check the stats of the equipment as some of them even common is expensive without you knowing. Make sure to check the Option Score of the equipment, if its above 30 and not bound – this is an important item and salable on the trade market, make sure to use it as the primary synthesis equipment – the max level 30 equipment.

TiersExperience per Level
Default Tier
Green Tier
Blue Tier
Orange Tier

Once an equipment reaches its maximum level, the Synthesis button for that item will become clickable, allowing you to combine it with another identical equipment to create a new, higher-tier item.

How to Synthesis

After reaching max level of 30, select the equipment from your bag and the Synthesis button should now be visible.

Click the button and you’ll be redirected to the Synthesis page. From here, you need to select other equipment. There are some conditions to consider before synthesis: the option score and stats must complement each other (We will discuss this on other guide).

Once done, you have a tier up equipment. In our example, we have evolved our equipment from rare to epic.

That’s it! Hope this simple guide will help you understand the basic synthesis in Avatara. For more advanced guide, you can check our best equipment guide in Avatara.

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