How to get the Best Equipment (Option Score) in Avatara

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Avatara is a unique MMORPG game that combines elements of idle games with traditional RPG gameplay. One of the key features of Avatara is its gear system, where players can combine lower-tier gear to create higher-tier equipment with better Option Scores and stats.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to obtain the best gear in Avatara. We will cover everything from understanding Option Scores, gear stats to strategies for obtaining rare and powerful equipment.

The Option Score (OP)

After you’ve obtained an equipment from mobs, you will notice a yellow highlighted text “Option Score” from your equipment. It is an important aspect of Avatara’s gear system, and it represents the overall power of your gear. The highest score we found from the Trade Market is 47.5 Option Score.

Obtaining gear with a high Option Score is crucial and the level of the monsters you are looting is one of the main factors that determines the Option Score of the gear you will obtain. Generally, monsters below level 60 will drop gear with Option Scores of 35 or lower, while monsters’ level 60 and above will drop gear with higher Option Scores.

Choosing the Right Stats for your Class

Not only is the Option Score important, but players should also pay attention to the specific stats of the gear you obtain. Each class in Avatara has different stat priorities and needs. The following are the important stats you should consider when getting a gear:

Increase Physical ATK
Increase Magic ATK
Increase Physical ATK
Increase Physical ATK
Any ClassEvasion
Critical DMG
Critical DMG Reduction Rate
Increase Physical DEF
Increase Magic DEF
Mana Consumption Reduction (Most Recommended for Mage)

After you have identified the best stats for your class, you should keep an eye out for gear with those stats as you will need them for Synthesis. Synthesis is the process of combining lower-tier (Uncommon) gear to create higher-tier equipment with better Option Scores and stats.

Synthesis will Combine Stats of two Gears

Now that you have a solid understanding of the importance of Option Score and the specific stats your class needs, it’s time to put that knowledge into practice by combining your gear through Synthesis. When synthesizing gear, it’s important to fully utilize all the stats in order to maximize the resulting Option Score.

Each rarity of equipment will have an additional stat slot, which means every time you synthesize a new stat slot is added to the gear:

Rarity (Equipment Tier)Stat Slots

To ensure that the Option Score does not decrease during the Synthesis process, it’s important to combine gear with similar stats or 1 different stat you want to add. This will allow you to create higher-tier equipment with consistent Option Scores and stats.

One example is this first gear with 26.6 Option Score, it has an additional stat of Increase Physical DEF and Increase Magic DEF. I have to find other gear that has similar stats.

This one with 25.7 Option Score, it has Increase Physical DEF but with different stats of AGI. Now, keep in mind that when synthesizing an equipment, there will be additional slot for stats. With that, we can actually add AGI to our final gear.

Now combining the two equipment, you’ll notice that the Increase Physical DEF of our 2nd equipment is added as well as the AGI.

The resulting Option Score gear from the Synthesis is 26.1, which is very close to the maximum possible Option Score (OP) for the two gear we used.

It’s important to keep in mind the number of stat slots available of the equipment. For example, if you are synthesizing a Rare equipment that can only accept 4 stat slots, it’s important to avoid using gear with more than 4 different stats, as any additional stats will be deleted during the synthesis process, and this can significantly lower the resulting Option Score.

You will know that it is bad synthesis if there are check marks, as much as possible do not do synthesis if have this one.

Improved Option Score Further with Option Enhancement

If you already synthesize the equipment and want to improve the Option Score further, you can do that – but you need to synthesize your equipment to Epic tier (Orange). With that, you can go to Option Enhancement–the equipment you need to enhance your Epic’s equipment must be the same as well as the stats.

However, enhancing is not guarantee and it will be based on the success rate applied to the equipment.

If you can’t get better Option Score

While gear can be obtained at lower levels, the best gear in Avatara is typically obtained at level 60 and above. As you progress through the game and reach level 60, you will have access to higher level monsters and content that will drop gear with higher Option Scores and better stats. So, just wait and collect more gears so you can use them to level up your end-game gear.

That’s it for now! We will cover more as we progress in the game and will update this article.

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