Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage is now a free-to-play on PC and Consoles

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Destroy All Humans! is a classic PlayStation game about an alien named Crypto and his ability to destroy a destructible city. Last year, the company released a 4-player multiplayer game titled Clone Carnage as a standalone DLC for those who didn’t buy Destroy All Humans!. The good news is that it’s now free-to-play on PC, GOG, and XBOX One. Unfortunately, PlayStation users will have to pay a few extra cents to download it.

In the game, players can control a clone alien, who can unlock all abilities of Cryptos and play in four different modes in six different maps. Players can also enjoy the game offline through local co-op mode. All skin that was released in the original remake of Destroy All Humans! in 2020 are also included in the game.

For those, who want to experience this game and with their friends, can download it on the following platforms:

  • Steam:
  • GOG:

For console, you can download it on its official store shop. PlayStation users have to pay $0.01 to download it.

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