What is Battlefield 1 Server Rental

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Battlefield 1 Server Rental is for hosting the game server, this will¬†allow¬†you to¬†change the game settings, make¬†the game¬†private, maps,¬†limit weapons, server name and¬†stuff. If you’re not familiar with it, you might probably thinking it’s a subscription fee to play online¬†game. But No! anyone can still join the game for FREE.

In the past Game Server is only sold for third party companies and EA now decide to open the rental of server for everyone. Game server rental can be access on the in-game store.

If you want to rent a server, the prices are the following for PC and PS4/XBOX ONE:

PC – 1 Day ($2.99), 7 Days ($11.99), 30 Days ($42.99), 90 Days ($99.99) and 180 Days ($149.99)

Playstation 4/Xbox One – 1 Day ($1.99), 7 Days ($7.99), 30 Days ($26.99), 90 Days ($64.99) and 180 Days ($99.99)

The Battlefield 1 Game Server Rental will be available on November 2016.


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