New Start Go! Event Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX)

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Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) has been updated, and the theme is racing. You won’t get to ride expensive cars; you’ll use your existing mount instead. The only downside is that some players have an unfair advantage over others in the mini-game because the movement speed of their mount and the movement speed effect still carried over into to the game. As for the rewards, remember the bee costume on novice coin exchange shop? That’s what you’ll get in this event and there is another variant that they added for it.

Key Notes

  • Every day, claim the free ticket from the daily check in, as well as the world chat message “Race to Win Mount” to get a total of 2 free tickets.
  • Aside from 2 free tickets per day, you need to spent for at least 26,500 Crystals to purchase 5 tickets per day to get a title that has no additional attribute called “Marathon Warrior Title”. And you need to buy one additional ticket on the last day that is cost 12,500 Crystals.
  • Race Ranking is not fair for everyone, those who has 6 speed mount and card with movement speed will have a lot of advantages.
  • Winning the race will allow you to get 10 Music Box Medal and 10,000 Zeny. 2nd place and below will only get 5 Music Box Medal.

How to win the Race

Although it’s not fair for those who have 6 speed mount, you may still have chance to win by using the Honey Party mount. This mount has a periodic acceleration skill that randomly speeds up for a short period of time, giving it more speed than normal. You can get it free daily for 1 hour use.

You could also beat other players by taking advantage of the invert controls effect. Though this technique is only applicable for those who are using Emulators, you also need to use the mouse for the regular movement. To use this technique, go to keyboard mapping of your favorite emulator, and grab a directional movement controls, then invert the WASD controls (Up is S, Down is W, Left is D and Right is A). This way, when you are in inverted, you can quickly use the keyboard control to move like normal, then when the invert skill is gone – you can go back to mouse controls.

If you win the first place, you will receive 10 Music Box Medals and if you are in the second place or below, you receive 5 Music Box Medals.

Every day, there are 2 free Ragna GP Ticket, with this, you can earn up to 280 Music Box Medals – if you always win the race. If you’re unlucky, there’s a minimum of 140 Music Box Medals for the 14-day duration of this event.

How many Ragna GP Ticket you can get per Day

For those who do not want to spend their Crystals on the Ragna Grand Prix, they can receive up to 2 tickets per day by completing quests in the game. The first one is you can get it from claiming the daily rewards found on Ragna GP menu, the other one is typing “Race to Win Mount” in the world chat. The event is 14 days long, so you can get up to 28 Ragna GP Tickets without spending a single crystal. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the “Marathon Warrior” title that requires 99 races to complete using free tickets. However, it’s not necessary anyway and has no additional attribute.

If you want to buy a ticket with Crystal, you can do so by paying more to get more runs. Initially, tickets cost around 1,000 Crystals but they can only be purchased in batches of one and can go up to 25,000 Crystal apiece. The following are the ticket prices available per day:

Ticket CostCostLimit
1st Buy1,000 Crystal1
2nd Buy3,000 Crystal1
3rd Buy5,000 Crystal1
4th Buy7,500 Crystal1
5th Buy10,000 Crystal1
6th Buy12,500 Crystal1
7th Buy15,000 Crystal1
8th Buy17,500 Crystal1
9th Buy20,000 Crystal1
10th Buy25,000 Crystal999

To get the title “Marathon Warrior,” which has no attribute, you need to spend 26,500 Crystals or 5 tickets per day in order to reach 99 races. For 14 days, that is 371,000 Crystals or 70 tickets. Adding the 28 tickets you get for free, that is 98. As for the remaining 1 ticket, you need buy it at a cost of 12,500 Crystal. All in all, that is 383,500 Crystals that you need to spent to get the unworthy title.

Ragna GP (Ranking Rewards)

Players who reach the top 50 ranking will get the rewards, top 3 will get the costumes for free and it is based on the fastest time you finish the race. Currently the fastest time is 1 minute and 41 seconds and the one in the top 50 is 1 minute and 54 seconds.

The following are the rewards:

1Honey Party
2Bee Player
3Hi-Fi Buzz
4 to 1080 x Honeybee Medal
11 to 2050 x Honeybee Medal
21 to 5020 x Honeybee Medal

Aside from the ranking, you can also get daily rewards and ticket that you can use to participate in the racing event:

  • 1 x Ragna GP Ticket
  • 1 x Honey Party (1 Hour) Mount

Dash Quests

The Dash Quest mostly are daily quest and only one quest that are fixed which is the 99 racing times. There are 3 quest that requires top-up.

Join in the Race event 99 times
Not Daily Quest
10 x Honeybee Medal
1 x Glory Star Title Stone (Marathon Warrior)
Cleared Instances 1 Times1 x Music Box Medal
Consume 2000 Odin Points2 x Music Box Medal
1 x Honeybee Medal
Consume 1000 Stamina2 x Music Box Medal
1 x Honeybee Medal
Recharge Times: 115 x Music Box Medal
1 x Honeybee Medal
Recharge 5000 Diamonds60 x Music Box Medal
1 x Honeybee Medal
Recharge 15000 Diamonds20 x Honeybee Medal
Enter “Race to Win Mount” in the world chat1 x Ragna GP Ticket
1 x Music Box Medal
Participate in the Race event 1 times1 x Honeybee Gift Box
Join in the Race event 4 times2 x Honeybee Gift Box

As for the free quest, you can get up to 5 Honeybee Gift Box and 6 Music Box Medal per day, in 14 days that will sum up to 70 Honeybee Gift Box and 84 Music Box Medal.

Chances of getting Music Box Medal from Mobs

You can also get Music Box Medal from the monsters by turning on Odin Blessings. The Chances for getting the Music Box Medal depends on the sizes, but as per Odin it is equal to all mobs.

Body SizesChances
Large Mobs0.018% Chances
(18 chances out of 1,000 mobs)
Medium Mobs0.012% Chances
(12 chances out of 1,000 mobs)
Small Mobs0.006% Chances
(6 chances out of 1,000 mobs)

The chances for this event is no longer per monsters, instead they are now using direct body sizes condition. I think the game developer already figure out the problem with modified monsters like Dark Frame, Penomena, Kobold Archer, Punk and Sting whose their sizes are different compared to the original version in Taiwan leading to inconsistent reward.

Exchange Rewards

RewardsExchange Item
Hi-Fi Buzz1 x Sugar Buzz Headgear
32 x Honeybee Medal
Bee PLAYER1 x Sugar Buzz Clothing
48 x Honeybee Medal
Honey Party1 x Buzzing Honeypot
1 x Mount Medal
Sugar Buzz Clothing100 x Music Box Medal
Sugar Buzz Headgear100 x Music Box Medal
Buzzing Honeypot200 x Music Box Medal
Honeybee Gift Box1 x Music Box Medal
Mount Gift Box1 x Honeybee Medal

Final Thought

The event for this month is not appealing, because the mini-game itself is not fair for everyone. You need to cash out some money to get the new costumes (though old costumes is achievable through free quests) and the mats giftbox that is supposed for character progress are worthless. It is better to sell the medal you collected from the mobs to Exchange Center to get Crystals and if you have enough bound medals, redeem the giftbox or the sugar costumes and mount.

The total amount of Music Box Medal you can get are the following, this is without spending any Crystals:

14-Day EventMusic Box MedalMusic Box Medal
Racing Event140 Music Box Medal
(If 2nd and below)
280 Music Box Medal
(If 1st Place)
Dash Quests84 Music Box Medal84 Music Box Medal
Total224 Music Box Medal364 Music Box Medal
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