A Guy Spent $100K on Diablo Immortal and Couldn’t find Players to Match

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Many pay-to-win game players spend their hard-earned money to purchase in-game upgrades, but one unlucky player named jtisallbusiness found out the hard way. After spending $100,000 USD, he claimed that his character and his clanmates (guild mates) couldn’t find anymore PVP battles because his character are too powerful, they always won the matches and killed every single enemy they fought on the battlefield.

In his uploaded YouTube video titled “Should I refund 100k on Diablo Immortal” he says he’s considering an option of having a lawyer help him refund all the money he spent on his account because the feature he likes most “PVP” is not accessible for him.

The player tried to contact Blizzard, but they gave him no solution to his problem. They simply said that Blizzard was aware of the issue, but there has been no change since then – and still cannot find any matches.

He speculated that his clan (Guild) has 10% of its members spending at least $1,000 on upgrades to reach the status of immortality. If they are not able to register for the Rite of Exile PVP match, their rival will be able to claim the reward for winning the Immortal Crown. And he pointed out that the main reason for his clan’s inability to find players to match— because he spent a ton of money right at the start of the game, and whenever they played Rite of Excite, they won a hundred matches without losing.

The problem might have been with the matchmaking system of Diablo Immortal, since its ranking system can only be matched with similarly high-leveled players. And in the case of jtisallbusiness, his matchmaking rating “MMR” are just too high for everyone. Basically, he reached the end game and his progress is years away from other players.

$100,000 is probably small amount compared to some whalers in Southeast Asia mobile games such as Ragnarok M Eternal Love where one single item called “Key of Heaven Mount” sold for $60,000 alone.

Below is the video, credit to Mark Jonah Dela Cruz for sharing this news.

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