Key of Heaven sold for 3,195,000 PHP at Auction in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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The second week of Auction House in Ragnarok M Eternal Love is so intense that sold this auctioned item Key of Heaven for a whopping 3.2 million pesos or 360,000 BCC! During the last minute of the bidding, only 2 bidders from China and Indonesia are exchanging bids, players in the world chat are going crazy over the bidding; some are cheering for the bidders, and some are salty for the insane amount of money these bidders are wasting into. Yet, one bidder went for the highest bid and it was the same person who bought last week Ghostring Card, its MambaaElChap of Indonesia.

The other item Golden Thief Bug Card was also sold for almost 1 million pesos or 110,956 BCC. It was sold to Pupushii of EN12.

Here are all of the item sold in Auction this week:

  • Clock Tower Manager Card sold for 5,136 BCC to rsnick (TH155)
  • Golden Thief Bug Card sold for 110,956 BCC to Pupushii (EN12)
  • Deviling Card sold for 19,633 BCC to Trisakti (EN9)
  • Goblin Leader Card sold for 59,035 BCC to 洛雨 (CN1)
  • Maya Card sold for 22,528 BCC to YOUEX8 (TH83)
  • Kobold Leader Card sold for 69,896 BCC to Winzza (ID43)
  • Mistress Card sold for 8,176 BCC to Selvaria (ID32)
  • Moonlight Flower Card sold for 92,880 BCC to 洛雨 (CN1)
  • Eddga Card sold for 82,861 BCC to Winzza (ID43)
  • Key of Heaven sold for 360,000 BCC to MambaaElChap (ID1)

A total sum of 831,101 BCC or 7,367,916 PHP for this week’s auction in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (SEA).

The computation use to convert BCC to PHP is based from the best discounted price listed at (PHP 5,000 = 564 BCC).

You may also watch the actual auction during the Key of Heaven.

What are these Auctioned Items?

For those who are new or don’t know what Ragnarok Auction is, the item sold on the auction are all digital items. It can only be used in the game and not tradeable with real money, it is used to boost their character’s stats. Most of the item sold in the auction are end-game items where it is useful for the upcoming War of Emperium where different guilds fight to each other to be a champion.

However, the Key of Heaven is a cosmetic item which is similar to Peco-Peco with one unique ability, mountable to any job class in the game.

What do you think of this auction? Is it worth the money? Let us know in the comment section!

Who is MambaaElChap

He is from Indonesia and a leader of the guild VoltZ, he is well known as Mambaa in the classic game, Ragnarok Online. In their guild’s Instagram post, they’ve posted a groupie pic together with their guild members celebrating the winning moments of MambaaElChap.

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