Co-Op Dungeon Atoraxxion announced for Black Desert SEA

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To all Black Desert Fans! Pearl Abyss finally announced today the released of the first co-op dungeon mode Atoraxxion this summer in Black Desert SEA. With the added of this new mode, players can now team up to fight for a new experience featuring the Atoraxxion.

The Atoraxxion was built by the “Sage of the Past”, Rux Maha Dehkia during the ancient civilization. It was the titled the Last Stronghold and a pinnacle of the Ancient Technology. In the dungeon, players will be able to participate in new quests and the untold stories, including the story behind why Illezra has decided to seek the power of Atoraxxion once again.

The new dungeon will be released on four different themes with vast environment.

  • Desert
  • Ocean Depths
  • Canyon
  • Forest

It will be released one by one, first is the desert theme, next is the Ocean and so forth. The difficulty will also increase as they the game releases new themes.

The Atoraxxion will also feature new obstacles, not just defeating monsters it will also include various puzzle to solve for the adventurers. The difficulty will also be adjusted based on the servers. Elvia servers will get higher difficulty while the normal server will be set to normal difficulty.

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