What is Odin’s Blessing in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX Guide)

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Odin’s blessing is an multiplier for combat stamina in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX), a resources that can be used to gain 5x Base EXP, Job EXP and Zeny when doing combat with the monsters. This is one of the crucial elements that you need to use in order for you to level up your character faster including the job level.

During your first journey in the game, you probably get a lots of Odin’s Reliquary an giftbox that you can get up to 10 Odin’s Blessings. When you run out of this gift packs, the only way to get Odin’s blessings are the following.

Mission Board Task or Near Odin’s Statue

When you complete the daily mission board, you can get up to 1,400 Odin’s Blessings. Each of the mission board you complete will allow you to get up to 140 Odin’s Blessings.

To complete a mission board, simply go to any main city like the Prontera and look for a board near Kafra teleport.

It is a set of 10 daily mission where you’ll be roaming around the Midgard, the average time completing all of the mission is around 20 to 40 minutes depending how you fast completes each mission.

Staying at the Prontera

The next one is simply by staying at the Prontera from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time), for every 30 seconds you’ll get 10 Odin Blessings. You can get up to 600 Odin Blessings per day.

Other than the list above, there are no way to get Odin’s Blessings.

Using Odin Blessings

By default, usage of the Odin Blessings is turned off. You need to click the Odin’s icon at the top of the game screen and turn on the Odin’s Blessings.

When you turn on Odin Blessings, you’ll get the following benefits while you’re in combat with the monsters:

  • 5 x Zeny
  • 5 x Base/Job EXP
  • 5 x Drop Rate
  • 1:1 Stamina

In order for you to gain stamina in the game you need to use Odin for it. Stamina is another resources that will be use for Life features like crafting, mining and etc. You can check our separate post on how to get more Stamina in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

The amount of Odin’s Blessing spent will depends on the monsters you eliminated:

  • 1 Odin’s Blessing – Small Monsters
  • 2 Odin’s Blessing – Medium Monsters
  • 3 Odin’s Blessing – Large Monsters

Odin’s blessing must also spent to monsters that are level 6 difference to you, meaning if you are level 10, you need to eliminate level 4 or level 16 monsters to consume Odin’s Blessing.

That’s it guys! Hope this guide help you on how Odin’s Blessing works! If you have comment or suggestion, please leave a comment down below.

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