DITO Sim Review, unlisted device can reach up to 50Mbps

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DITO finally launched its telco service in the Philippines, the first rollout was in Cebu and Davao City on March 8, 2021. During the initial rollout, subscribers who avail the sim from March 8 to 31 will enjoy their Welcome Offer that includes a 1-month of unlimited Data and (DITO-DITO) Call and Text. The official retail price of the sim card without a promo is around PHP 40. However, you can buy it online through their website for PHP 199, which includes the welcome promo and a free shipping.

Table of Contents

  1. Unboxing
  2. Activating the DITO sim
    1. How to Change APN Settings
  3. DITO App
  4. Speed Test
  5. Calls and Text
  6. Loads and Promos
  7. Share a Load
  8. How to Buy DITO Sim
  9. Sim card Expiry
  10. Customer Service
  11. Conclusion

The entrance of the third major telco probably marks the healthy competition in the Philippines against the two major telcos, PLDT and Globe. It translates into a cheaper, faster and more reliable service that will mostly benefit the subscribers. In fact, other telcos are already promoting new sets of data promos to compete like SMART’s non-expiring magic data, PLDT’s cheaper internet rate and GOMO’s unlimited data. We are pleased to see what DITO will offer when they start rolling out nationwide. 

We got a chance to check this new SIM with the help of our friend from Davao, Mr. Deane Francis Goyagoy, where he unboxed and tested the DITO sim for us. The whole test is done using Mi Note 10 Lite phone. 


The sim is packaged in a unique sachet pack with their tag line “DITO na tayo!”. It comes with a FREE sim ejector pin, a handy tool for plugging in your new SIM to your smartphone. If you notice, the ejector shape is the logo of DITO. 

The sim cartridge tray comes in 3 pre-cut sizes, for standard, micro and Nano sim. Your phone number is visibly seen at the left corner of the sim tray. 

Activating the DITO SIM

DITO Sim will automatically activate once you access any of the following: data Internet, send message or via call. Once you successfully activated it, you will receive a welcome message that confirming the activation. They will also send you the link where to download the app and the initial password. It also displays the promo detail that comes with your sim. 

If you still have no access to the Internet because your phone is not in their compatible list. You can try changing your device APN settings.

How to Change APN Settings for DITO

If your device is not on the list of compatible devices for DITO, the data internet will not automatically work by default. You need to manually change the APN settings for you to access the internet. 

Depending on the Phone you’re using. You can access the APN at Settings > Connections > Mobile network > Access Point Names.

  • Name: DITO PH
  • APN: internet.dito.ph

If the above settings are not working, you may also use China Telecom settings as your APN: 

  • Name: DITO PH
  • APN: ctnet
  • Username: ctwap@mycdma.cn
  • Password: vnet.mobi

Apply the new APN settings then try accessing the internet again. 


Unfortunately, the DITO app is not yet available on Google Play and App Store, the application is also only available for Android devices in a form on an APK installer. It may also be the reason why iPhones 11 and 12 are not listed as compatible devices, because there is no app you can use for iOS. 

Once you have activated the DITO sim, you will get a download link for the APK. You can download the DITO app from https://bit.ly/DITOApp. Make sure you enable the install from unknown sources on your device settings. 

After the app is installed, you can then log on to your DITO account. The password you use here is from the text sent from DITO. Once logged-in, you will have access to the dashboard where you can manage your DITO sim in many ways. 

Speed Test

As of now, we only tested the DITO Sim on a Mi Note 10 Lite phone which is not listed on the compatible device. But still, we get a decent speed of up to 30 to 50Mbps during our speed test. The speed also depends on your location and how far you are in the DITO tower. 

The other advantage of DITO is you are always connected to the LTE and never downgraded to 2G or 3G. This means you will have a consistent connection wherever you go as long as there is a tower near your location. This also means you cannot use DITO sim to older model of phone like those with keypad, such as Nokia 3310 who are using 2G or 3G. 🙂 

In terms of data capping, the current welcome promo of DITO has no data cap. But contrary to the terms and condition under section 3 (3.4) “The DITO Network”: subscriber who uses the network more than what is humanly possible (for example: sustained high volume data transfer). If necessary, they may issue and implement a Responsible Use Policy whereas activities on the network will be subject to predetermined allocation.

Based on their example, if you’re a regular or a heavy user, you don’t have to worry about it. This type of activity is like using your DITO sim in automated kind of way, like using it as a server bandwidth, downloading files 24/7, Piso Wifi or other activities that a human cannot simply do. 

Calls and Text

As of now, calling another network is not yet possible. But with the latest interconnection deal among DITO, PLDT and Globe it will be possible in the coming months. According to DITO, they are working with other network providers for interconnectivity, and we should expect it within this month or until April for it to be implemented. 

If you have a VoLTE phone, you can also enjoy a crystal clear and faster calling when you use DITO. A regular phone without VoLTE usually switches between 2G, 3G and LTE connection to make a call, this lead to drop of the internet connection when being switched. On VoLTE, you will always be connected to LTE which will eventually save battery life and a consistent connection when using both calls and the internet. 

Loads and Promos

You can only buy load through their app and the mode of payment is available through Credit/Debit Card. Other payment portals like GCash, GrabPay and WeChat Pay are also available. But according to DITO, they are currently working with their partners to make reloading accessible to the public, but for the time being, the only way to reload is through the app. 

DITO credit system is 1 to 1, which means 1 DITO peso balance equals 1 peso. Unfortunately, the regular load balance you topped up on your DITO account has an expiration of 1-year. We contacted their live chat support and they mentioned, “The regular load in your account will expire 1 year starting when you purchased the regular load.” 

As for promos, the only promo that you can avail for now is the limited time offer “Welcome Promo” which costs around PHP 199. It includes unlimited data and DITO-DITO for call and text. This promotion is only available from March 8 to 31, 2021. Other than that, there are no other promos that you can avail. The Welcome Promo is also not stackable, meaning when you buy it twice, it will simply overlap the existing offering. 

For rate charges, since there is no way to cancel our existing Welcome Promo, we cannot test how much they charge for regular surfing, text, and calls. We will update this post once we have that information. 

We also checked DITO’s terms and conditions, and they mentioned Basic Pack which gives basic SMS, Calls and Data promo to their subscribers. However, the price and detail of this promotion are not yet stated. 

Share a Load

Sending a load for your loved ones and friends is possible with DITO, through their app, you can share your credit with other DITO subscribers. Simply input their DITO number, the credit that you want to send and there it is. 

We are also curious whether sending your credit to another DITO subscribers will eliminate the 1-year expiration, what do you think? 

How to buy DITO SIM

DITO only ships their sim to the two service area only, Cebu and Davao City. You also need a compatible device to order the sim through their online store. But if you are techie enough, changing browser’s user agent can do the trick. 

You can purchase DITO sim by going to https://join.dito.ph/eshopmobile/third/channel/store101

At the bottom, click the Sign-Up button to register for an account. After that, select Your Location and agree to both Terms and Condition and Privacy. Then press the Check Now

Fill up the form, then assign a 6-digit PIN Code (This is your password) and click Submit. Once completed, after a couple of hours, you will receive a sign-up confirmation email from DITO saying your registration is activated. You will then need to wait for another few days to get an email that will contain the login and order information. If you are unable get that email, you can log in to your account here: https://getsim.dito.ph/eshopmobile/pin/login

Login your DITO account and enter your nominated 6-digit pin code. After that, click the Order your DITO SIM Card now to start ordering your sim. 

Then you need to fill in your delivery information; you can only ship it on Cebu or Davao City. It will then asked you to confirm your details, check for any error and if its ok then click Check out to pay for your SIM. 

You will then receive an Order Notification email. In a few days, you will get an update on your DITO sim card delivery. 

Sim Card expiry

You need to maintain a credit load of 1 Peso or any subscription to any of their promo to remain active. Inactive sims will be temporarily disconnected. If the temporary disconnection continues for 90 days (3 months), the sim card will be permanently disconnected in which the sim card is disabled, blocked, and blacklisted from the network. 

DITO also does not offer reconnection for permanent disconnected sim, so it is better to keep a balance of 1 peso or more in your DITO account. 

Costumer Service

What is great with DITO is you can get instant support from the various channels, and you are able to contact them right away. If you have concerns, issues or problems, there are 4 ways to reach them: 

HelplineHow to
Monday to Sunday (6AM to 12MN)
185 using DITO mobile Number
Monday to Sunday (6AM to 12MN)
Using live chat support
Monday to Sunday (6AM to 12MN)
Sending email at customerservice@dito.ph
Facebook Page
Monday to Sunday (7AM to 9PM)
Through their official Facebook page at m.me/DITOphofficial

We tried their live chat through the application and in just a minute we were able to connect to an agent and resolved whatever concern we have with the sim card. 


It is too early to say whether DITO is the cheapest and fastest sim card available in the Philippines as the promos they are currently offering are just limited time, and we have not yet seen the regular promo. And if we compare them with other telcos, their network is not yet that congested, so there might be a chance that the speed will worsen when there is an increase in subscribers in the coming months.  

The load balance that looks like a credit wallet might be a unique benefit of DITO – if that is without an expiration, but with the expiration of 1 year in place, it defeats the purpose of a credit wallet that supposedly allows you to stack the peso load to your account without worrying of expiring. 

The plus side this telco offers is their nearly 24/7 customer service where you have many options to contact them when you have a problem with your connection. 

The speed you’ll get on DITO is promising and the welcome promo they currently offer are simply too epic not to try. So Yeah, maka “DITO na tayo!” ka na lang. We hope that the current speed and offering we have will be consistent in the long run, especially when the network starts rolling out nationwide. 

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