Smart offers non-expiring load through Magic Data Promo, 24GB for PHP 399

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Non-expiring load promos enters to the Philippine market last year. Without a doubt, a lot of Filipinos loves this kind of offer because they can have more freedom on how they can use their data. Smart telco is now offering a non-expiring load, through their newest promo “Magic Data” where you can purchase a 24GB of data for just PHP 399.

The new Magic Data promo of Smart will allow their prepaid subscriber to have a non-expiring load on accessing websites. The following are the rates of the Magic Data:

  • Magic Data 99 – 2GB Magic Data (No Expiry) for all sites
  • Magic Data 199 – 6GB Magic Data (No Expiry) for all sites
  • Magic Data 399 – 24GB Magic Data (No Expiry) for all sites

You can avail this offer by downloading their GigaLife app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Even though Smart’s non-expiring load is quite pricey than the other network like GOMO’s 30GB for P299, the speed you’ll get from Smart are more reliable than the latter, especially on other areas where Globe signal are weak.

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