Get FREE Skin from Card Flip Event in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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For the month of April 2021, Mobile Legends launches its newest card flip game, this time around it allows you to own a limited-edition skateboard. During the event, players will be able to play a mini game from their favorite web browser. Players who doesn’t want the physical skateboard has an option to convert it to 3,000 Diamonds instead.

Players had to flip the card to reveal the character in the opposite side, once you gets two matches correct, you’ll get a FREE skin rewards from the game via chest.

List of All Flip Card Event

From time to time, Mobile Legends will be having an flip card event in the game and to know the latest flip card event. We have listed all of them below.

Flip Card EventDate
Skateboard Card Event (Latest)
April 2021
Valentine Card Event
February to March 2021
MLBB Card Event
December 2020 to January 2021
Halloween Card Event
October to November 2020
July to August 2020

In the month of February, one the card flip event was about the Valentines day featuring their lovely couple characters.

Below are the screenshots for the event of King of Fighters (KOF) crossover with Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

For initial trial, players will have a 5 FREE attempts for the 1st round, 4 FREE attempts for the 2nd round and 3 FREE attempts for the 3rd round.

How to Get FREE Attempts on MLBB Card Flip Events

To get more attempts, you need to share your link with your friends. Here are the number of FREE attempts you’ll get once you’ve shared the link with your friends.

  • Sharing the Event One time – 1 FREE Attempt
  • Every new/veteran (haven’t logged in for 30 days) user invited – Unlimited
  • Watch video on April 10 – 3 FREE Attempt
  • Inviting 1 different player to log in the event grants 2 Attempts – Invite up to 99 players
  • Get 1 Attempt by tapping the invitation link sent by a different player – Up to 3 Attempts every day

Players invited will also get 1 FREE attempt and each player can use up to 3 invitation links from other players to get up to 3 FREE attempts.

To help you with invitation link, you can choose from the list below. (If you want your invitation to be added on the list, comment it down below)

PlayersInvitation Link

Service Error

If you encounter an error when logging in to the page like it is only showing “Nice job! You’ve finished the tutorial” and receive an error message saying “Service Error (-20031)”. You have to wait for the server to return to its normal load for you to login again, there must be a lot of people accessing the mini-game at the moment.

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