List of All Clues in Explore STUN Studio in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (515 Party Event in MLBB)

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang or MLBB just drop a new mini-game for everyone and this includes a FREE Skin when you answered them correctly. Plus a chance to win an skateboard during their raffle, this event is also part of their 515 Party and one of the clues involves on those event.

Table of Contents

  1. Explore STUN Studio
  2. Location of the 515 Party Clues
  3. Matching the Clues
  4. Video Walkthrough Guide

In this guide, we will show you all of the clue that you can find in the VR like camera and get your rewards.

Explore S.T.U.N. Studio

You can play the new event at

Location of the 515 Party Clues

Here are the list of location for all answer clue in the mini-games.


A Green Skateboard
In front, there is a skateboard place on the right corner, click on it.

Harith’s Free New Skin
At the table, there is a mini-like arcade machine, click on that.

The Selena in the Screen.
At the right corner near the sofa bed, just click the screen of the orange arcade machine.

Brody’s Cushion
Just at the Sofa bed, click the pillow.

A Mysterious DJ Table
At the front of the stage, there is a yellow logo, just click on it many times until you get it.

A Shiny Microphone
At the sofa, there is a violet microphone.

Chou’s Battle Emote
At the arcade machine, side of it, there is a sticker image of Chou, click on it.

A Mysterious Blueprint
This is the hardest one and takes you a lot of time clicking on it. Just click all of the green color of the table until you get the clue.

Lucky 515 (Slot machine)
This slot machine requires you to invite your friend to earn a coin and unlock the clue.

Matching the Clues

To match the clues, you just have to read the high lighted words from the Assistant. Click the Gold Icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. We also listed all of the matches for rewards below.

Assistant CluesMatches
Many citizens said they saw Chou skateboarding on the streets. Some even said that he skateboarded while practicing nunchucks. Unbelievable.
Selena has a wonderful voice and everyone is crazy about her. But her previous transformation into a demon scared everyone away. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard her singing last time…
To pursue the dream of music, Brody transformed his aim into an electronic mechanical one, which can be connected to control some musical instruments through neurotransmission.
Blind, but agile. Some say the meteor hammer in his hand is the most fashionable electronic guide dog. Weird design…
The grandest festival throughout the year. Last year, Lylia was selected as the special guest and shot to stardom. Over the past year, she has made 365 concerts. Mothers even choose her songs as pregnancy music.
Harith spent a lot of money on this outfit. But when he arrived at the stage, he found that the organizer gave everybody a same one. He feels both happy and depressed!

Video Walkthrough Guide

As reference, we also uploaded a walkthrough video for you to follow.

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