GM Event Camp Visit in Black Desert Mobile

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A new event for Black Desert Mobile (BDM) has finally arrived, the GM Event Camp Visit, a 12-day event similar to the previous Santa Claus. It’s not literally Game Master that will visit the player camp, but rather an NPC where it will visit the players camp for a given of the time and asked for a quest to complete to get a reward.

At first, players can activate this event in-game via the quest bar, it will introduce the players on the basis of the event and how to interact with the GM when they’re in the camp.

The GM Event Camp visiting schedule is as follows:

  • 6 AM to 10 AM
  • 12 NN to 2 PM
  • 6 PM to 12 MN

During our first encounter with the GM, it asked us for a quest to defeat 500 monsters.


The rewards for completing the GM Event Camp Visit is the GM’s Gift Box, which contains the following items:

  • 3 x Good Weapon Black Stone
  • 3 x Good Armor Black Stone
  • 10 x Boss Stamp
  • 10 x Ancient Tablet

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