Bagel Day Event in Black Desert Mobile

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A new 14-day event in Black Desert Mobile has finally arrived, it is the Collect Bagel Coupons! Bagel Day Event in which players can participate in this event by hunting or gathering in the field to earn a Bagel Coupon. The event will end on January 28, 2020.

Similar to the previous event, the Bagel Coupon can be exchanged with various items in the game.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Get More Bagel Coupons
  2. Bagel Coupon Exchange Items
  3. Bagel Chest

In this guide, you’ll know the basic details of this event and what’s behind of the chest rewards.

How to Get More Bagel Coupons

Basically, by just hunting monsters from the wild will allow you to earn an Bagel Coupon randomly. You’ll also get this item by just gathering like mining, foraging, logging and fishing.

In our case, It takes about 2 to 5 minutes by doing the stuff above to get this coupon .

Bagel Coupon Exchange Items

Here are the list of available exchange items that you can exchange with Bagel Coupon (BC).


Bagel Chest
(1 piece)
15 BCUnlimited

Lightstone Fragment
(10 pcs)
10 BC30

Fair Feed
(5 pcs)
10 BC20

Ancient Tablet
(25 pcs)
32 BC1

Mid-Grade Resource Chest
(1 pc)
47 BC2

High Grade Crystal Chest
(1 pc)
47 BC2

Good Weapon Black Stone
(15 pcs)
56 BC1

Good Armor Black Stone
(20 pcs)
75 BC1

You need at least 852 Bagel Coupon in order to purchase everything in the shop.

Bagel Chest

While you can purchase an unlimited amount of Bagel Chest which contains one the following:

  • Cream Cheese Bagel – ???
  • Pretzel Bagel – ???
  • All-Dressed Bagel – +5% Field Item Drop Rate for 2 hours

That’s it! For more tips and guides like this, check our Ultimate Guide for Black Desert Mobile.

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