New Year's Resolution Event in Black Desert Mobile

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After the new update in Black Desert Mobile, in preparation for the year 2020, the game just launched is a new daily event that will run for 14 days. The New Year’s Resolution Event, A new day, a new beginning, the event will give players a daily activity that they can participate in to get a reward.

This event is just one of the additional grinding activities that players can take aside from camp activities and more.

How to Complete Daily Task

Basically, to get the reward “2020 Celebration Chest”, the player just needs to complete the 3 simple tasked in the event. It will be refreshed every day at 12:00 midnight.

Below are the tasked you need to complete to get the daily rewards.

ObjectivesRewardExchange Items
8 x Fishing
5 x Logging
10 x Use of Skillbooks
Fish Gills
Bundle of Twigs
Secondhand Book
2020 Celebration Chest

2020 Celebration Chest

After exchanging the 3 items, players will get this chest with the following rewards:

  • 10 x Ancient Tablet
  • 10 x Boss Stamp
  • 20 x Medium HP Potion
  • 6 x Fair Feed
  • 1 x Small Stamina Potion

That’s it! Happy new years everyone!

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