Top 1 Leaderboard Player Spent over 100,000 PHP on Blackpink Lisa x Ragnarok Mobile Event

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One player spends over 100,000 PHP in a mobile game, Ragnarok M Eternal Love to reach the Top 1 leaderboard in Supporting Lisa’s event. LISA Blackpink X Ragnarok M Eternal Love is a 15-day limited-time event starring the member of a Kpop group BLACKPINK, Lisa Manoban. The event will allow players to play various in-game activities with the NPC Lisa and ables to hand to hand together.

Part of the event is called Supporting Lisa, where the player basically spends real money to get into the leaderboard and win prizes. The player needs to purchase a virtual item LISA Supporting Pack that costs around 155 PHP or around 3 USD. Every single purchase will give a player 1 spend point to the leaderboard and some in-game items.

Players who get to the top 5 will win a physical item, LISA Blackpink Music Album with an autographed from Lisa Manoban, plus an exclusive virtual in-game title and a permanent Lisa Hand to Hand NPC.

The top one Ragna player in the leaderboard is ·黄金皮皮堡· from Singapore who spends a total of 105,090 PHP or 2,077 USD. We were able to asked a few questions to the player on what motivates him to reach the top 1 and found out he did it “only for fun” and not even a fan of Lisa Manoban of Blackpink.

Asking about the prizes he will possibly win, he said: “it’s not bad, but it doesn’t worth the money.”

Players spending a huge amount of money in Ragnarok Mobile is not new, this one is actually small compared to the previous auction in the game where a single virtual item Evangelion Unit 01 was sold for whopping 4.3 million PHP.

Currently, the lowest points for other players to get to the top 5 LISA Leaderboard is 162 points or equivalent to PHP 25,110.

  1. ·黄金皮皮堡· – 678 Spend Points (PHP 105,090)
  2. Tiger吴 – 375 Spend Points (PHP 58,125)
  3. Selveria – 269 Spend Points (PHP 41,695)
  4. ♤ Stipo ♤ – 229 Spend Points (PHP 35,495)
  5. TigLer – 162 Spend Points (PHP 25,110)

The event will be closed on November 14, 2019. The players who will able to get to the top 5 at the time of the deadline gets the prizes.

There are also prizes awaits for the top 100 in the LISA Leaderboard. As of the moment, the minimum points needed to be in the top 100 are 41 points or equivalent to 6,355 PHP. Winners will get a permanent LISA hand to hand NPC and the LISA Exclusive title.

LISA Leaderboard Ended

So, the event was ended today and here are the winners for both Midnight Party (SEA) and Eternal Love server (SEA).

Eternal Love Server:

  • ·黄金皮皮堡· – 678 Spend Points (PHP 105,090)
  • ♤ Stipo ♤ – 385 Spend Points (PHP 59,675)
  • Tiger吴 – 375 Spend Points (PHP 58,125)
  • Mne – 355 Spend Points (PHP 55,025)
  • TigLer – 331 Spend Points (PHP 51,305)

Midnight Party Server:

  • หsอยแsง – 157 Spend Points (PHP 24,335)
  • lalisa_ihi – 151 Spend Points (PHP 23,405)
  • Lalisà – 144 Spend Points (PHP 22,320)
  • Yeselle – 137 Spend Points (PHP 21,235)
  • ☆⋆․˘ઽҽα˘․⋆☆ – 112 Spend Points (PHP (24,025)

The 10 winners on the list can now contact in-game customer support to send their shipping details and contact information.

While the lowest Spend Points for the top 100 that receive in-game items are 51 spend points (PHP 7,905) for Eternal Love Server and 30 spend points (PHP 4,650) for midnight party.

Are you joining the LISA Leaderboard contest? Is the reward worth the money? Let us know in the comment section!

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