Evangelion Unit 01 Costume sold for 4,350,000 PHP at Auction, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Ragnarok M Eternal Love is still alive and kicking! Today, an in-game costume item in the auction house was sold for 4.3 million pesos or 490,620 BCC. The winning bidder is the same person who bought the Key of Heaven last month for 3.2 million pesos, the rich guy from Indonesia known as MambaaElchap or ElChap. The in-game costume is from the event crossover of Japanese anime Evangelion, the Unit 01; This costume has an additional skill that will increase movement speed by 100% for 10 seconds with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

The guild of MambaaElChap, the Voltz.Family posted a screenshot from their Instagram account about their winning bid.

The computation used to convert the BCC to PHP is based on the price listed at http://pay.ragnaroketernallove.com. (PHP 5,000 = 564 BCC).

This week auction ended with 5,790,469 million of sales from the 10 auctioned items.

  • Spashire Card sold for 5,595 BCC to Winzza (TH33)
  • Jakk Card sold for 20,118 BCC to ninjaJack (PH34)
  • Chepet Card sold for 11,370 BCC to 洛雨 (CN1)
  • Golden Thief Bug Card sold for 100,326 BCC to Ketomi (PH10)
  • Kobold Leader Card sold for 69,206 BCC to Ketomi (PH10)
  • Unit-01 sold for 490,620 BCC to ElChap (ID15)
  • Moonlight Flower Card sold for 70,095 BCC to ZoSui (TH155)
  • Dark Illusion Card sold for 14,687 BCC to 洛雨 (CN1)
  • Drake Card sold for 71,077 BCC to 洛雨 (CN1)
  • Own Duke Card sold for 6,686 BCC to Tierison (TH43)

What do you think of buying a digital item for 4.3 million pesos? Is it worth the money? Let us know in the comment section!

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