Rules of Survival is Now Celebrating its 2nd ROSversary

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NetEase Games is celebrating the second anniversary of Rules of Survival, the popular mobile battle royale with over 280 million downloads globally. A special in-game event will be held between the 13th to the 27th of November featuring 2 newly introduced game modes, Score Royale and Hero Mode and limited-time in-game giveaway events, Rules of Survival(ROS) wants to celebrate its 730 days of memorable moments with players.

Rules of Survival 2nd rosversary

This ROSversary update Includes:

  1. Score Royale
  2. Hero Mode
  3. Loads of New Exclusive Looks
  4. ROSversary Supply
  5. Airdrops
  6. First Top-up 40% Extra Bonus
  7. ROSversary Patintero
  8. Daily Login Diamond

Score Royale

The Score Royale brings about a 20v20 team fight for the first time in the game. This mode will test out players’ tactics, a single mistake might lead to an ambush. The tide of battle will change in the blink of an eye, everything needs to be quickly decided. Score Royale also supports custom mode for more fun.

Score Royale Rules of Survival 2nd Rosversary

Hero Mode

It allows players to select among 10 heroes specialized with unique skills to fight on Ghillie Island. Each hero has a different tactic, it is the players’ job to choose one and fight to the end!

Hero Mode Rules of Survival Battle Royale

Loads of New Exclusive Looks

New Exclusive Looks will be added to the shop during ROSversary, including the Demolisher set. Some of the new looks will grant an unprecedented transformability. Hyper Sonic, for example, has the ability to transform into a sports car during matches.

Exclusive looks Rules of Survival Battle Royale 2ndrosversary

ROSversary Supply

It makes all items from past supplies available again. In addition, a series of ROSversary related items, including new ROSversary Avatar Frame and Name Card, will be available.

Diamond Rules of Survival Battle Royale 2ndrosversary


During ROSversary, Airdrops will come with diamonds. Each brave player who fights for airdrops will get a chance to obtain abundant diamonds.

Airdrop Rules of Survival Battle Royale 2ndrosversary

First Top-up 40% Extra Bonus

40% extra bonus with a first top-up, which is the biggest bonus ever in 2 years since the launch of the game. It’s now or never!

40% Extra Top-up Bonus Rules of Survival Battle Royale 2ndrosversary

ROSversary Patintero

ROSversary Patintero will be launched during the event. The game is based on local Patintero rules played by every Filipino child. Players can get ROSversary Luck Chips by playing and redeem more ROSversary new items! Sharing it on SNS and inviting friends will add more bonus for the fun!

To know more details of this event, check our separate Rosversary Patintero post.

Patintero Rules of Survival ROSversary

Daily Login Diamond

During ROSversary, daily login rewards will be updated with free diamond rewards. The original normal daily login rewards will still be retained. Players can receive double rewards after logging in the game, which is a once-a-year opportunity that no one can miss!

Daily Diamond Login Rules of Survival Battle Royale 2ndrosversary
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