How to Play ROSversary Patintero Game in Rules of Survival

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There are new mini-games now in Rules of Survival where you’ll win Luck Chip that you can use to redeem in-game item in the Battle Royale, Rules of Survival. The game is part of the Rules of Survival 2nd Rosversary. What’s great with this is you can play the mini-game separately from your browser either in mobile, desktop or on your laptop.

Table of Contents

  1. Basic Mechanics
  2. How to Win
  3. Grenades
  4. Rewards
  5. How to Claim Rewards

You can access the Rosversary Patintero Game at

Find your Rules Of Survival ID number and enter in the game.

Basic Mechanics

Before starting to play the Patintero, here are some of the basic mechanics of the game:

  • Players are always the attackers.
  • The character can be moved using the joystick. If you are in Desktop or Laptop, you can use a mouse to click and drag the joystick on the bottom right corner.
  • Avoid the defender on the board.

How to Win

In order to win the game, just like the basic rules in Patintero or Tubiganay, you basically need to move your character to the other side of the board and come back safely to earn scores.

Your character will start from the right corner “Safe Zone”, you need to move your character to the left corner “Target Zone” move your character to the left corner and avoid getting hit by the moving enemies.

Once you’re in the left corner “Target Zone”, go back to the right corner “Safe Zone” to get a 5 points score.

The round will now then end, and you can play the next round and increase your score. Your primary goal is to reach a total score of 150, which is to get the 40 x Luck Chips. The score on the losing match are still counted on the total score.

If you’d like to beat the highest score, you always welcome to play and earn more scores.


There are power-ups items like grenades where you can eliminate all of the enemies in a few seconds.


You only need a total of 150 scores to unlock these rewards in the game.

  • 5 Score – 2 x Luck Chips
  • 25 Score – 3 x Luck Chips
  • 50 Score – 5 x Luck Chips
  • 75 Score – 8 x Luck Chips
  • 100 Score – 10 x Luck Chips
  • 150 Score – 12 x Luck Chips

How to Claim Rewards

Once you’ve completed the rewards, you can claim the rewards from your mailbox.

That’s it! You may also watch the gameplay below.

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