Crossfire Ghostly Gathering Daily Attendance Event

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After the v1369 game patch of Crossfire today, they also released a new event for everyone. A daily attendance event where players will be able to get rewards once they login to the game every day.

To get the daily rewards, players need to complete at least 3 complete games at any game mode. After that, the players will be able to redeem the rewards.

Daily LoginRewards
 MondayMegaphone Channel (30 pcs)
Police Baton (7 days)
 TuesdayMegaphone Server (30 pcs.)
Desert Eagle-Silver (7 days)
 WednesdayMini Voodoo Grenade¬†(7 days)
Dual Desert Eagle-Blaze (7 days)
 ThursdayColor Codename¬†(7 days)
CR-21 Blaze (7 days)
 FridayBalloon Grenade¬†(7 days)
M4A1-Phoenix (7 days) (7 days)
 SaturdayFlash Bang Guard¬†(7 days)
MG3-Camo (7 days)
 SundayAnti-Smoke Helmet¬†(7 days)
L86 LSW-Dual Mag-AP

That’s it! Enjoy these rewards from CrossFire Philippines.

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