Crossfire Servers Schedule Maintenance and Manual Patch Download v1369

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The official Facebook page of Crossfire Philippines announces a 4 hours scheduled server maintenance tomorrow, November 20, 2019, at 05:00 AM and will up at 8:00 AM. The scheduled maintenance will fix item issues like users who availed the Alpha Spirit Package that didn’t receive the Glock 18c-G Spirit item.

Together with the Patch version 1369 update. It will include a Black Friday Event from November 20 to December 10, 2019, which gives 50% discount to the following item:

  • M14EBR Taurus – 400 eCoins
  • M240B Tesla – 300 eCoins
  • M1896 Libra – 250 eCoins
  • 9A-91 Scorpius – 300 eCoins
  • 687 EEEL D Pigeon Sagittarius – 300 eCoins
  • AA-12 Buster – 300 eCoins
  • Crab Claws Cancer – 300 eCoins
  • P90 Wildshot – 300 eCoins
  • SCAR Light Virgo – 300 eCoins
  • SR 25 Burning Shoot – 300 eCoins

Compensation Rewards:

For this scheduled maintenance, players will expect a compensation reward from their account:

  • D.E Born Beast Noble Gold (7 Days)
  • M4A1 S Gold Black Dragon (7 Days)

It is also advisable to log-out your account from the game 10 minutes before the server maintenance to avoid account related issues.

Manual Patch Direct Download

For players who want to preload the Patch for tomorrow’s maintenance, you can direct download the manual patch and apply the patch during or after the server maintenance.

Update: CF announces a new patch v1370, this includes fixes to some error while installing the updates.

  • v1370 Patch Update:

That’s it guys!

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