How to Buy Flour in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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Looking for flour during the Spring is very difficult in Doraemon Story of Seasons unless you already have a machine that converts your crops into flour. But you’re here, probably because you have no idea how to buy flour and it is not available in any shops in the town.

Flour is one of the ingredients to make different dishes or pastries, and this is important to finish some events required in the game.

How to Buy Flour

So, how do you buy flour? Well, flour is actually available in the shops.

But, it is available randomly. The shop item will be refreshed during the first day of the season. To make sure you’ll get a Flour for the next season, you need to use the Save and Load trick.

During the last day of your current season, or Day 30, make sure to save your progress. Then go to sleep, the next day, the store items will be reset. What you need to do is to go to Restaurant and check if the flour is available.

If it’s not available, load the save progress until you’ll get the flour. It is sold for 200 G.

How to make Flour

If you’re out of luck, the only way to obtain it is to make it. But you need to wait until Autumn to purchase a new machine. You need to unlock first the Invention Inventor gadget of Doraemon and eventually purchase a Mill from Smitty.

You can check our separate post, at Invention Inventor Guide.

To make flour, you need wheat to do it. You can obtain wheat from crop and harvesting, or by simply purchasing it from the Restaurant.

You also need a machine to convert Wheat to a flour. The cost of conversion is also free. Converting Wheat to flour is also one of the secret tips on earning money in the game.

That’s it! I hope this mini-guide helps you figure out to buy flour in Doraemon Story of Seasons.

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