Ragnarok Battle Academy Mobile, a Battle Royale Twist with MMORPG Style

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To all Ragna players, Ragnarok game has a new franchise and it’s a Battle Royale similar to PUBG mobile, but keeping the original genre MMORPG. Gravity Corporation and Extreme Studio held a press conference in thailand announcing their collaboration to make a new game under the copyright of the famous game Ragnarok Online.

At Extreme Games 2019 in Thailand, the Ragnarok Battle Academy (ROBA) was revealed, a Battle Royale game that combines MMORPG style gameplay. The concept is players will spawn and drop in the Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts, where players will fight in an PvP style like rounds and a circle starts shrinking as the rounds ended, players can earn experience and loot by defeating monsters or players in the map and lone surviving player or team will become the Champion.

Chief Executive Officer of Electronics Extreme, Thanin Piromward said “I’m very delighted to have the opportunity to co-develop the game with Gravity, the experienced company that is well known in gaming industry.” He added, “I do believe that ROBA will bring a new excitement to the gaming industry because no matter if you are a Ragnarok player or a new genre gamer, you can enjoy the game for sure. The fun gameplay comes along with cute & trendy graphic for everyone. You all will be sure to enjoy this version of Ragnarok.”

He also added: “Being the Thai developer to co-develop the game project with the experienced developer like Gravity, it is the significant step of gaming industry in Thailand.”

Prontera Field Maps

The maps features the Kingdom of Rune-Migarts. Based from the game trailer, it shows 11 region: the Prontera City, Mt. Mjolnir Maze, Graveyard, Sunny Ville, Hidden Temple, Culvert, Sanctuary Ruin, Victory Ville, Poring Forest and Flora Ville.

Each region in the map also shows suggested level which species region that contains high tier of loots.

However, the game are still in the development and most probably launch next year, 2020. Developers also has plan to start conducting closed beta testing in Thailand and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. So far, there are no information yet for Western market release.

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