How to Solve Stuck on Chapter 6 in Pokemon Masters

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After clearing every stages in the Main Story in Pokemon Masters, you were suddenly stuck on the Chapter 6, defeating the Gym Leader is difficult as the current level of your Sync Pair is stuck at level 30. Even maxing out of your Sync Pairs lineup to level 30, it’s still not enough to defeat the Boss ‘Challenge Korrina’.

In order to defeat Korrina in Chapter 6, you’ll need your Sync Pairs to level up more like reaching level 50 or 60. If you haven’t yet unlock the menu for the Unlock Level Cap, you’re not yet allowed to extend the level of your Sync Pairs.

Mission Needed to Complete

To do this, you need to complete first one mission at the Training Area, Inside the Special Training: Battle Techniques, finish the mission called Reach Past Your Limits.

Once you’ve completed that mission, the menu for the Unlock Level Cap will be available from the Team menu.

Materials to Extend Cap

Since you can now extend the level of your Sync Pairs, you need to find mats needed for it to extend.

  • Buff Blend, Great Buff Blend, Ultra Buff Blend
  • Tech Tonic, Great Tech Tonic, Ultra Great Tonic
  • Aid Ade, Great Aid Ade, Ultra Aid Ade

You need several of these mats to extend the level cap depending on the level you’d like to unlock.

You can loot these mats at Training Area as well, the three course Strike Course, Tech Course, Support Course.

Level Up

Let’s say you already extend the level cap of your Sync Pairs. All you have to do now is to level up your Sync Pairs to 50 or 60. Only one high level Sync Pair is needed to complete the Chapter 6.

Hope this helps you complete the Chapter 6 in Pokemon Masters.

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