How to Unlock Level Cap, Max Lvl at 30 in Pokemon Masters

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If you are having hard time figuring out how to unlock the Level Cap of your Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters this post will help you figure it out. When your Sync Pair reaches level 30, it has a limit where in you can no longer level up the Sync Pair, maxing it out at lvl 30.

This leads to many newbie players getting locked out at Chapter 6 of the Story mode in which the level 30 Sync Pair can no longer defeat the enemies and dealing damage is very low.

In order to complete that chapter, it requires your Sync Pair to level up to increase more attributes that is needed to defeat the Gym Leader.

Most players who have this problem its because they forgot to clear some mission and skip most of it. Below, you’ll find which mission is needed to unlock the Level Cap features

How to Increase Level 30 Cap

To unlock it, you need to complete the Reach Past Your Limits mission under the Single-Player Training Area. You can find it at Special Training: Battle Techniques.

Once you complete that mission, you now have access to the new Unlock Lv. Cap menu at the Team tabs. Now, you can raise sync pair’s level higher and grow even stronger.

To use the unlock level cap to your Sync Pairs, It requires an item called Buff Blend, Aid Blend and Tech Blend. These item can be collected from the Training Area.

That’s it! Hope this little guide helps you figure out on unlocking additional level for you Sync Pairs. You may also watch our video guide below.

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