How to Get Raw Meat in Lumia Saga

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When you find a bonfire in Lumia Saga, there is an interactive icon that says BBQ Meat where you’ll be asking for a Raw Meat. Getting this Raw Meat may a little bit frustrating because it is not available on the Store merchant.

Note: If you intend to use Raw Meat for the Explore location in Moon Beach, you don’t need raw meat to finish it. Check our separate guide, here.

You can get Raw Meat from drops defeating beast monsters. In finding Beast monster in Lumia Saga is easy, but might be hard and complicated for new players, you can find the type of monster by navigating to the map. Then go to Drop then check Normal, then select ??? Beast Garb. For below example, the purple map indicator is the location for all beast monsters.

You can follow our step-by-step guide below on how to get Raw Meat easily.

How to Get Raw Meat

To get Raw Meat, you need to defeat any beast monsters in the game. One example of a low-level monster is the Little Bunny Lv.10 and Bothered Boar Lv.16 located in Dawn Bay. Refer to the map above for the location (Left purple is Bothered Boar location and Right purple is the Little Bunny).

Killing 1 to 10 of these monster will give you at least 1 to 4 Raw Meat.

Now, you already have the Raw Meat, look for a bonfire and grill your Raw Meat.

That’s it, guys! Hope this guide helps you figure out how to get Raw Meat.

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