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In Lumia Saga, there is a quest where you’ll need to take photos of all places in the game. Completing the photo will give you some in-game currency that you can use to purchase an item. However, exploring these places requires you to sweep the places and find the correct spot.

To help you guys find all of these Photo Explore locations, we’ve compiled the list of all of the places in these maps so you can easily spot and take a photo of each spot.

For explore that requires action, you don’t need to take a photo to complete the task. Doing the action in the location will automatically complete it.

Every city or map has a maximum of 6 explore locations.

Moon Beach Explore

One of the early explore locations is given during the story campaign. The requirement to enter this map is level 20.

Cozy Campfire (A)

Inside the camp, find a bonfire at the center. Then you need to seat on the chair and take a Photo.

Camp BBQ (B)

Just near the Cozy Campfire explore quest at the Silent Plains, find a bonfire at the corner and do a Sassy Dance action near the bonfire. Take note: You doesn’t need a Raw Meat to complete this.

The Hushed Pool (C)

At the forest of Silent Plains, just take a photo of the pool scenery and it’s all good.

Silent Night Sky (D)

Take a photo of the beautiful moon, there should be a green camera icon near that area.

Make a Wish (E)

At the Wisper Path, go to the 3 rocks altar and pray, then take a photo.

Temple Depths (F)

When you go to the north part of the Samuel’s Altar, find the emblems on the wall and take a photo of it. You should find a Photo Camera icon that you had to include to complete.

Dawn Bay Explore

In the Dawn Bay photo explore, it involves swimming to reach on the next island. Navigation is still possible by just pointing on the map and your character will automatically swim to that location.

Pirate Camp (A)

At the Child of Dawn, reach the ship near the area and take a photo of it.

Daybreak Fishing Village (B)

Enter the Fishing Village and take the photo of the hat on the left corner. The green photo icon should show.

Fisherman’s Bridge (C)

In this scenery, reach the edge of the dock and do an action Look Around. No need to take a photo 🙂

Little Elf Encampment (D)

On the left island, just reach the elf encampment and take a photo of it.

Fisherman’s Shore (E)

At the end of the dock, you’ll find two chairs. Sit on any of the chairs and take a photo.

Shipwreck Island (F)

On the small island on the top of the Dawn Bay, you’ll find a shipwreck, you just need to take a photo of it to complete.

Giantlog Town Explore

This one big island has almost all of the photo explorer located in one single journey. Taking photos of this map is easier.

Town Bulletin Board (A)

Near the spawn area, the Town Bulletin is just in the docking place. You only need to capture a picture of the bulletin to complete the mission.

Naughty Elf (B)

The naughty elf is just before Sapling House. Take a photo of the two ancient totems, you should see a green camera icon.

Shell Roof (C)

Once you reach the area, use the Look Around action.

Stone Bridge

While on the bridge, do the action Kowtow.

The Deathtrap

Before Tranquil Path, you’ll find a branch of a tree along the way. Take a photo of it.

Strolling Landstrider

Reach the Running Plains and just take a photo of the plain area near the flower. You should see a green camera icon on it.

Lumia City Explore

Lumia Airship (A)

When teleported to the Lumia City, on the left corner of the map, you’ll find an Airship balloon, take a photo of it.

Statue of the Goddess of Wisdom (B)

This is one of the first photo explorer built-in from the side quest story. This automatically unlocks.

Commando HQ (C)

Just in front of the Commando HQ, take a photo of the building to complete this.

Capitol Stage (D)

While at the Dance stage area at the Capitol, do an action Sassy Dance.

Sky Altar (E)

On the four corners, take any of the sides and do a Pray. Then take a photo to complete.

Little Griffin Garden (F)

At the Little Griffin Garden, where animals are in the area. Take a photo while doing a placate on the animals.

Voden Heights Explore

At the Voden Heights, there are few bugs that capture two scenery at the same time, the Vast and Boundless, and Dwarven Duo.

Silly Snowman Head (A)

In Snowman Caveeo Territory, reach the top area and take a photo of the Snowman heads. You should also see a Green camera icon near the objects.

Vast and boundless (B)

Take photo of the overlooking area of the castle in Voden Heights. In some cases, there is a bug in the game that accidentally completed the Dwarven Duo photo explorer.

Dwarven Duo (C)

Inside the castle, take a photo of the corridor. You should see a Green Camera icon in that area. In some cases, it will automatically complete the Vast and boundless photo explorer as well.

Do as the Romans do (D)

At the center of Ice Elf Ruins, do an action Kowtow.

Void Throne (E)

At the Maker’s Throne, in the icy place, find the big black throne and take a photo of it.

The End of the World (F)

Just in the bay of Ice Pines, take a photo of the ocean scenery.

Winter Cliffs Explore

Ah! I’m dying! (A)

Reach the mining location at Saltpeter Mine, then do the Feigh Death action. No need to take a photo to complete this.

Swinging Suspension Bridge (B)

The only bridge on the map, go to Cliffs Hub and do the action Shocked.

Thorn Lake (C)

Take a photo of the Thorn Lake at the bottom right corner of the map.

Command Post (D)

Go to Dark Outpost, just bottom of it, there is another command post. Take photo of it.

So high! (E)

Reach the Icetooth moor, at the edge of the cliff fronting the scaffolding, take a photo of that, there should be a Green Camera icon appear on that area.

Dwarven Camp (F)

At the bottom corner of the map, find the camp and take a photo of it.

Wine Village Explore

In Wine Village, you’ll be photographing most of the Water Wheel scenery on this map.

Quiet Lake (A)

Go near the village at the center of the map, and just in front of the Water Wheel. Take a photo, there should be a Green camera icon inside the village.

Dwarven Face Water Wheel (B)

Terror Land, in front of the Water Wheel. Do a Look Around action.

Small Town Afternoon (C)

In some cases, near the Bustle Plain, the Small Town Afternoon and Spinning Water Wheel will automatically unlock when taking photo any of the two. It’s because the two explore location is so close together.

Spinning Water Wheel (D)

Just take a photo of the Spinning Wheel near Bustle Plain.

Mysterious Cabin (E)

Near Terror Land, find a small hut cabin and do an action Sassy Dance.

Why is there a mine? (F)

Just on the upper right corner of the map near Thunder Ravine, find a crystal-like on a stone and take a photo of it.

Sandy Canyon Explore

This map unlocks when your character reaches Lv.50.

Abyssal Depths (A)

When taking a picture of Abyssal Depths in the bridge, it will also activate the Distant Landscape photo explore.

Distant Landscape (B)

Taking a picture of the landscape near the bridge will activate this explore. Activating the Abyssal Depths will also unlock Distant Landscape.

Stone Gate (C)

Reach the stone gate near the bridge, there should be blue orb near the area. Use the action Look Around. No need to take a photo.

Dilapidated Ruins (D)

Reach the area near Ambush Land, and look for a blue orb near the left corner. Do the action Kowtow to complete this explore.

Traveler’s Tent (E)

Near the Insect Region, you’ll find a Tent after the bridge. Find a blue orb or a Camera Photo icon then just take a picture near it.

Deadly Skeleton (F)

The last explore is located on the dead-end part of the map. Find a Bones/Thurn’s tunnel, there should be also a blue orb or camera icon beside it. Take pictures near the location.

Nean Iceland Explore

Unlocks on Level 50, Nean Iceland is composed with different island. You’ll have to swim in order to reach the location for the photo/action explore.

We’ve discovered it! The geyser (A)

In South Furlow, find a geyser that has a glowing blue orb on it. Do the action Shocked to complete. Taking a picture is not needed.

Sky Mirror (B)

Take a picture of the beautiful scenery on the top part of the separate island, Mossler Isle.

House of Bones (C)

In Slithin Fort, you’ll find a base inside. Take a photo of the camp where a blue orb is located.

What do you See? (D)

Enter the ship landed in the Landing Post on the left island. Then do the action Look Around. Taking a photo is not required.

Sacrifice (E)

At the heart of Nean Iceland, there is an Ancient Stone Ceremonial in the Lawaitt Tomb. Take a photo of it.

Humongous Heap (F)

Take a photo of the docking station near Slithin Fort.

Starmoon City Explore

Explore the beauty of the deserted land of Starmoon City. Exploring Orc’s camp and their ancient dinosaur.

Camping Tent (A)

At the spawn area after you teleport to the Starmoon City map, there is a tent on the side. Take a photo of it.

Leoman City (B)

At the heart of the Starmoon map, find a village at the center and just take a photo of the entrance.

Broken Bridge (C)

At the Starmoon Road near the bridge, find a blue glowing spot at the entrance and do the action Feign Death.

Terrifying Skeleton (D)

You’ll find a skeleton of a dinosaur below the Sand Cemetery, take a photo of the huge skeleton.

Orc Outpost (E)

Inside the Orc Outpost, go near to the blue orb object and do the action Shocked.

Howling Camp (F)

Near Howling Wall, find the Orc’s leaders camp and take a photo of it.

Arc Gardens Explore

Unlocks on Lv. 60 Arc Gardens photo explore is a little bit tricky and requires you to teleport to other island to do it.

Steep Cliffs (A)

This is a little bit tricky, it is impossible to take photo at the cliff. In order for you to go underneath the cliff, you need first to Get In at the teleport area at the cliff. Once you reach the other island, you can now position yourself at the Coast Plains and take photo of the Steep Cliffs.

Umbral Camp (B)

At the bottom right corner of the map, there is a camp called Umbral Camp. The camp looks like a cemetery, find the blur orb object or near the entrance of the cemetery, do the action Look Around.

Strange Mushrooms (C)

At the Shady Valley, find the are full of mushrooms, near the blue orbs do the action Shocked.

Umbral Cage (D)

At the Impiety Land, there is a group of Dark Elves and a Cage. Take a photo of the cage.

Quiet Stream (E)

Find a lake near the Lost Forest and take a photo of it.

Leoman Guard (F)

After getting in on the other island, take a photo of the tent where there is a wolf and old cat at the front.

Mora Desert Explore

In case you already reach level 70, here are the remaining photo explore map.

Borderland Explore

Thornhorn Explore

Cherry Abode Explore

Grand Forest Explore

Elf City Explore

Fogland Explore

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