What is Pablo’s Secret (Tentacle Attack) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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This month Memories under the Ocean is already out in the game and players can now draw new headwear items from the Gachapon in Prontera. One of the interesting item included in this event are the Pablo’s Secret, aside from its name that refers to Pablo Escobar, it has a interesting trigger effect called Tentacle Attack that multiples the damage base from character level and could also increase after refining.

In this article, we discuss what are the real benefit and effect you get once your character wear the Pablo’s Secret.

How Tentacle Attacks Works

When wearing the Pablo’s Secret, there is no indication that your character already cast an Tentacle Attack. The Tentacle Attack automatically casted if you use the “Auto Attack”. However, it will not work for manual attack. This kind of condition has some disadvantage especially when use in Guild Wars, PVP or MVP that requires manual attack to the enemies.

How much Additional Damage you’ll Get

The additional damage you’ll get is depending on the base level of your character. In our case, our character level is 94. The additional damage we get is 940 (The computation is Base Lv x 10). In the example screenshot below, our original 12062 damage becomes 13002 after wearing the Pablo’s Secret and using Auto-Attack.

In the refining, the max base level multiplier is at level 30. So for Refining +1, if we multiply 30 DMG x 5, we get 150 DMG as additional bonus damage for refining +1.

Here are the table computation for Level 90 and level 110.

Base LevelLv. 90Lv. 110
Tentacle Attack9001100
Refine +1 (+150)10501250
Refine +2 (+300)12001400
Refine +3 (+450)13501550
Refine +4 (+600)15001700
Refine +5 (+750)16501850
Refine +6 (+900)18002000

That’s it guys! Hope this helps you understand and decide if you’ll get the new headwear gachapon.

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