Under the Ocean, May Headwear Gachapon in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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The upcoming headwear set for the month of May is set in the deep sea. Ragnarok M official facebook page announce their newest Under the Sea Gachapon Headwear for May.

The new set is comes with marine life like the small squid, blue whale, angel fish, jelly fish and a clownfish (The finding Nemo). These sets also comes with decent stats attributes for your character in the game.

Here are the stats for the Under the Ocean sets. The item with [1] means the item can be slotted with a card.


Nostalgic Love Poem [1]
Max HP + 200
Damage to Demi-human +5%
When refining +6, Damage to Demi-human +5%

Type: Head

Deposit Rewards: Atk + 6, M.Atk + 5
Unlock Rewards: None

Rainbow Wishing Whale
Atk + 3%
When the opponent’s current HP is lower than yours, the final damage increases by 5%

Type: Tail

Deposit Rewards: Atk + 1%, M.Atk + 1%
Unlock Rewards: None

Pablo’s Secret
Auto Attacks trigger Tentacle Attacks. Auto attakcs damage increase by Base Lv x 10. For refining +1 to +6, each level of refining will increase Auto Attack damage by Base Lv x 5 (Maximum at Base Lv x 30)
5% chance to gain 5 extra Zeny when slaying a target

Type: Back

Deposit Rewards: MaxHP + 120
Unlock Rewards: None

Deep Sea Love
Atk + 20
M.Atk + 20

Type: Mouth

Deposit Rewards: MaxHP + 60, MDef + 4
Unlock Rewards: None

Bubble Feelings
MaxHP + 200
Water Dmg Taken -3%

Type: Face

Deposit Rewards: Atk + 4, M.Atk + 4
Unlock Rewards: None

Jellyfish Hat [1]
Recover 20 HP when slaying a target.

Type: Head

Deposit Rewards: Max HP + 60, Def + 4
Unlock Rewards: None

We’ve tried the Headwear Gashapon with our remaining 54 blue voucher and surprisingly on our first get us Pablo’s Secret!

Are you excited for these upcoming Gachapon? Is it worth it? Let us know in the comment section!

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