How to Songkran Adventure (Songkran Goggles Blueprint), Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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In the event 5 of Goblin Spring Celebration, an event drop rewards will begin starting April 9 until April 18th. Completing this event will reward you a new Songkran Goggle Blueprint.

To participate this event, all you have to do is to kill any water-type monsters and you’ll have a chance to get a drop of the blueprint. One of the example of a water type monster is the iconic monster Poring.

To get Songkran Goggle Blueprint effectively, look for a horde of water-type monster and use a skill that kills nearby enemies like Magnum Break. This way, you’ll have more chances of getting the drop. The best spot is on the north of Underwater Temple.

List of All Water Type Monster

To help you locate the water type monsters, here are the list of water type and it’s location.


Prontera South Gate, Labyrinth Forest, Prontera North

Capital Sewer 1F, Capital Sewer 2F

Sunken Ship, Ghost Ship, Underwater Cave, Underwater Temple, Payon Cave 1F

Roda Frog
Sunken Ship

Underwater Cave

Thara Frog
Underwater Cave

Underwater Cave, Underwater Temple

Marine Sphere
Underwater Temple

Underwater Temple

Underwater Temple

Goblin (Hammer)
Goblin Forest

Underwater Temple

Goblin Archer
Goblin Forest

Morroc, Sograt Desert

Payon Cave 2F, Payon Cave 3F

Glast Heim Culvert

Clock Tower B1

What is Songkran Goggle Blueprint

This limited headwear is only available during this event and the details will be available on April 9.

ItemDescriptionDeposit/Unlock Rewards

Songkran Goggles Blueprint
Dmg to Water Monsters + 3%
Dmg Reduction from Water Monsters + 3%

Materials Needed:
1 x Songkran Goggles Blueprint
656 x Necklace of Wisdom
40 x Zircon
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 30
Unlock Reward: Max HP + 30


Both blueprint and the Songkran Goggles is now available in Exchange. The Songkran Goggles is available for 788,368 Zeny, while the blueprint is 491,100 Zeny.

That’s it guys! Hope this simple guide helps you to finish the Songkran Adventure quest.

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